Friday, August 19, 2011

Camping Mt. Hood Oregon

Here's where I am this weekend!  I am on this mountain.  Mt. Hood Oregon!  Isn't it perdy?  
We are camping and having tons of fun.  

We are lovin' the great outdoors!  We are doing this:

and I THINK I am going to try this:

I am hoping to do some of this:

Take care and I'll be back here on Monday!


  1. Hey Karen!!
    LOVE Mt.Hood, though I haven't been up there this summer, I think you have convinced me that I need to go!!
    Have a GREAT weekend!!

    PS Grabbed your new blog button!!

  2. just found your blog today thru frugalicious. was exploring your blog and came across this post. boy, that mtn looks familiar =) we just moved to the gorge and i see the mtn once or twice a week when i'm out and about. how fun! was that trillium lake? we explored out there the first summer we were here and i took a pic that looks almost exactly like yours! but we haven't been campign there. hope you had fun. love your crafts too


Thank you so much for your comments...I love them!!

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