Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love One Another Printable

I know there are so many cute printables out there and I want to have them all and decorate cute frames to put them in!  You should see my house.  Fabulous Subway art and cute sayings everywhere.  I love it.

The other day I found THIS one and it is so sweet!  Becky Higgins has so many fun things on her site.  You gotta go check out her blog!
Here is what is on the top of my piano:

Sooo simple, but adorable!
See the nice lamp in the top right hand corner?  I couldn't get a good picture without glares.  So lame.  I think I should add a cute felt flower or something. 
Go download your copy of it!  Have fun:)


  1. I recently had the same problem with glares on the glass and finally just took the glass out and took the picture. It worked so well I think I'll do it every time. :) That's such a nice print, thanks for passing it on.

  2. REally cute. I have found some great printouts lately.

  3. love it! i love those subway arts too...have just finished doing 6 of them....just for a gallery in my sons room! then there's the rest of the house...... lol


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