Monday, January 31, 2011

White Chocolate Marshmellow Pops

  I had some white chocolate leftover from like last Christmas or maybe even the Christmas before (it still tastes fine!).  I wanted to use it up.  I knew I had some big marshmellows, some leftover sucker sticks from making candy previously, and I had sprinkles!  Just what I need to make these yummy Valentine marshmellow treats.  Here are my not so organized directions:

First we melted that yummy White chocolate in the microwave.  Make sure you nuke it in 30 second intervals, then stir, or it will burn.  Believe ME, nothing is worse than burnt Chocolate...yuk!

You need the large Marshmellows, lollipop sticks (or toothpicks), and Valentine sprinkles! 
The sprinkles go EVERYWHERE!  I kept sweeping them up with my hand and pouring them on a marshmellow dipped in the chocolate (can't stand to waste it!).  After you've dipped one, let it dry on a piece of wax paper.  doesn't even stick, yay!
Aren't they perdy?
There she is enjoying her yummy treat!
I luurve all the pretty colors:)
That bugger was gone in about 10 seconds!

These were soooo easy.  It's quick and easy, and you have immediate satisfaction:)  They are really yummy.  Word of advice:  If you eat more than about 4 at a time, your tummy won't feel so good:)


  1. These do look so cute, I've been meaning to try these for awhile now! I need to get on it.

    Yes ribbon tends to follow me home all the time, my HB says I have a problem. He's probably right.

    Check Out- Cheap Like A Birdie Blog

  2. Talk about sweetness...I think more than one might make my tummy hurt but kiddos have tummies built for yummy treats like this!!

  3. These are perfect for Valentines! Think I'll make some for my son's class. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These look wonderful! Funny about the tummy bit. :)

  5. They look so yummy -- hope I get a chance to make them for the Valentines party!


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