Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Indoor Snowball Fight Kit {Tutorial}

Hi everyone! Kalyn here again from And I Thought I Loved You Then.

Here in Michigan we should have had a lot more snow by now but as I type this it is 41 degrees. I really have started to dispise winter as I have become an adult and I am required to go out in it even if I don't want to. This year was different, I wanted snow for Eliza, I wanted a white Christmas. Well that wasn't the case so I decided to do what I could to bring the snow to us.

In comes the indoor snowball fight kit! I know Eliza doesn't really understand why I am throwing balls at her but one day she will enjoy it!


Fluffy White Fabric
Stuffing, you could use beans but Eliza is too little for that
Sewing Supplies

Start out by making a template for your fabric. I didn't really know how to sew a ball so I googled and kind of winged it.

Sew 6 of your fabric pieces together to make them into a ball. Remember to leave a space open to stuff it. This fabric I worked with was VERY difficult. The little fuzzies would get caught in the machine and jam it. I do not recommend using it.

Turn your fabric right side out and stuff it. I used stuffing in case Eliza got it open on me. I also didn't want it to hurt when throwing them at each other.

Continue to sew as many snowballs as you would like. I made a few different sizes so Eliza could grip them as well as us.

Next work on your bucket. I have seen them everywhere, Targets $1 bin, I got mine at Joanns during Christmas clearance.

Choose how you want to decorate it. Target had some cute stickers on clearance so I snagged those, then I decided to use my Cricut for some vinyl.

You can decorate it however you want, or let the kids go for it on their own.

Toss your snowballs in and you have your own indoor snowball kit!! No need to get bundled up or cold, just have fun in your own home.

Thank you so much for checking out my tutorial! I will see you again next month, until then feel free to check out a few things from the last few weeks.

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  1. Adorable! These would be a great gift to send to friends and family who live in a warmer climate!

  2. Super cute! Even though the fabric jammed the machine, the result was worth it!

  3. This is the cutest idea!! And re-useable every year!!


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