Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas {for next year!}

Hi Pocket of Pink readers! We’re very excited to be guest posting today (and more than a little jealous about that Hawaii trip…)! We are Nat and Ash, and we are 2 cousins who love to craft, sew, decorate, and we have 7 kids between us (5 boys for Nat, 2 girls for Ash). So our blog is a hodgepodge of everything we’re interested in, and a way for us to keep track of our successes and failures! We’d love for you to come over and say hi! Here’s a list of our tutorials if you want to see our projects over the last year. Seeing as how it’s so close to Halloween, I thought I’d share some of our favorite costume helps from this past month. It’s been lots of fun, and tomorrow, tune in on our blog for our family’s costume reveal!

I shared a bunch of our family costumes from year’s past here

And Nat shared some here

I shared some wings I made here

My girls showed off their gloves here

And here are 2 skirts I made for them for Halloween this year

I dip dyed my hair with strawberry Kool-Aid here to show you my results…You know, in case you want your hair to be a different color for Halloween Smile

And Nat finishes off the costumes some customizable trick or treat bags!

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