Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Burlap Wreath

Yesterday I spent my afternoon making this baby. 
I have to be completely honest....I don't know if I LOVE it.  

I saw Linda's pretty wreath over at Craftaholics and I knew I had to make one.  
I think her's turned out better, but I am not going to put mine down:)  I am happy with it, I just think my flowers turned out HUGE!

When I was making it, I couldn't decide whether to do the Halloween or Fall look, so it kinda turned out BOTH.  

I need your honest opinion.  Do you like it?  Be kind and gentle.  I am having PMS right now....
My kids loved it!  I should be happy about that, right?  

I need peer approval please....

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  1. LOL, I think it's really cute! I looove the flowers!! :)

    Great job.

  2. You are so funny! I think it looks awesome! You did a really fabulous job!

  3. I think it's adorable and wish I had the ability necessary to make my own!

  4. I really like it - I think the big flowers give it more character!! You did a great job :)

  5. Ohhh I am loving this, the pop of color is fantastic

  6. My first impression was-Wow, how cute is that! I think the flowers look really good on it. :)

  7. I think it's great! The ric rack is what drew me in...

  8. What a great wreath Karen! I love it! I followed you over from Flamingo Toes.

    I'm your newest follower and can't wait to see what project you do next!

  9. Your wreath is wonderful...we will love it for you. Well done! I have joined your followers list as well as Pinterest; and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle


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