Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wall Paper Removal, New Cupboards and Guest Post!

Hi Friends! 

I know  my posts have been kind of scarce lately and I apologize!

I have been busy though.  I am really excited because we are going to give our kitchen an overhaul!  

The last  few weeks I have been working on ripping wallpaper off my kitchen walls....and I mean EVERY stinkin' wall!!

Here is me scraping off the wallpaper.  It took A LONG time!

 This is the color I am going to paint 2 walls in the kitchen. It's called "Toasted Nutmeg." The other walls and ceiling will be "Popped Corn." (white)

The plan is to put Board and Battan on the lower half of the 2 walls with the Toasted Nutmeg.  I think it will look nice!  I found a cool tutorial for the Board and Battan here.

I am not completely decided about my kitchen cupboards, but I really like these from Martha Stewart Living.  Right now my cupboards are a ugly, dark wood that is about 30+ years old, with no knobs!


In other news.....Remember I told you that my husband and I have recently celebrated our 20th anniversary?  Well, we are going to Hawaii to celebrate....VERY SOON:)  I have been planning this trip for about 6 months.  I can't wait!!

Doesn't that look DIVINE?  I am so there.....very soon:)

Did you hear that?  Hawaii is calling me!!  

*****Oh, and I almost forgot!  Would you like to Guest Post for me while I am away?  I would love to have you.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  

You could do a tutorial (doesn't have to be new), a post introducing your blog and maybe some crafts you have been working on lately.

Seriously.  Let me know and I will schedule you in!  I love to check out new blogs:)


  1. Kitchen remodels are sooo much work, but it is so worth it in the end! Hang in there. :)

  2. A new kitchen AND a trip to Hawaii??? You are one lucky lady!!

    I'll guest post for you! Fit me in anytime!


Thank you so much for your comments...I love them!!

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