Thursday, April 21, 2011

Repurposed Paper covered Eggs

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 Wow!  Only 3 more days until Easter.  I never thought it would come and now here it is!  I have 1 more Easter craft for you.  I was looking at some of my past Easter decorations and came across these:
I probably painted these about 15 years ago.  They had cute little canvas ears.  Well, I got tired of them and ripped off the canvas ears, because I knew I could do something with them!

How about some paper covered eggs??  So easy and very inexpensive!  You could even do this to plastic eggs.
Here is what you need:

-A few pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper.
-Mod Podge
-ric rack (I used yellow, green and white to go with the paper I was using)
-Wood or plastic eggs
-glue gun

First I sanded the eggs a little to get some of the paint off.  I didn't really need too though.  The paper is just going to cover them anyway!
Next, I cut the paper into leaf shapes.  I made them tall enough to cover the whole egg.  I used about 6 per egg.  Then I crumpled up the paper.  Just put it in your hand and smoosh it!  It's fun:)

Here you can get a good idea of what shape I cut the paper into.  Then, I coated the whole paper piece with Mod Podge....I mean the back and front of the paper.  Then I smoothed it onto the egg, making sure to not leave any of the wood exposed.  Then I put an extra coat of Mod Podge on the top of the paper.

I let the eggs dry for about 1 hour.  I just set them on some wax paper to dry.
Here is where I put the ric rack on.  I just glued the ric rack on in random places, winding it around the egg.  
This egg I glued the ric rack on length wise.  I just glued the strips on the top, then put a strip of glue down the egg and attached the ric rack.  Super easy!!
I forgot to take pictures of the 3rd egg....Sorry:)  I think I like the 3rd one the best.  I too the mini white ric rack and rolled it into a flower, then glued them to the egg in random places.  Super cute!!
Here they are all done!  Don't you love the one with the little white flowers??  The egg holder thingy I have also had for years.  It was a mauve color with dark green leaves.  I had to spray it!  I like it much better's amazing what  little spray paint can do!
I love re-purposing things!  So much fun:)  

I will be away for a few days.  I am going on a little getaway with the hubs!  Can't wait for long walks on the beach and a wonderful breakfast:)  

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