Saturday, June 4, 2011

Forever Families clock tutorial

I found this cute clock tutorial on Landee See, Landee do and I fell in LOVE!  I love how she put family pictures on the clock and the color is to die for!  My latest favorite color.  Check it out!

Oh, and I have to tell you what a beautiful weekend we are having here in the great NW!!  This is what it looks like today!
This was taken at a park near my house!  I am lovin' the weather this weekend!!

Is it warm where you are?


  1. This is indeed totally cute, looks wonderful!

  2. I am so happy it is warming up here in the NW! a nice break from the rain

  3. I love the clock too! Here in Western Oklahoma it is 94 degrees in the shade! I ran an errand earlier and the car said it was 104 degrees, so I think we might be in for some really warm weather.


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