Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guest Blogger: Today's Fabulous Finds

Hi, my name is Janet from Today's Fabulous Finds.  It's such a thrill to be guest posting here at Pocket Full of Pink!  Karen was one of the very first to sign up as a reader of my blog and has been such a great support, she's awesome!

Today's Fabulous Finds is a place where I share fabulous finds from around the web as well as my own printables and craft and home decor projects.  Here's a few things I've made:
Printable Subway Art:  
There is one for every holiday from Thanksgiving to the 4th of July, with more to come!
 Flowers made with Crepe Paper Streamers
Stenciled Job Board
Today I'll be showing you how to make a Paint Stick Window.
I really wanted a little window to set on my shelf, but couldn't find one anywhere, so I came up with the idea to make my own window with paint sticks and glass from a dollar store picture frame. 
Here's what you'll need:
  • 2-(five gallon size) paint sticks (if you don't have a couple already, you can buy them at Home Depot and Wal-mart)
  • narrow trim (I'm trying to remember what it's called, it measures @3/4" wide, is flat on the top with rounded edges)
  • saw and miter box 
  • wood glue (can use hot glue, but it won't be as strong)
  • sandpaper
  • glass-from a picture frame (try the dollar store) or have it cut for you
  • paint
  • caulk or wood filler
  • stain or distress ink
1. Decide what size you want your window.  This one is cut at 9 1/2 inches on the longest side of the paint stick, perfect for an 8x8 piece of glass.  (You can get two sides out of one paint stick if you cut it like I did in the picture above using the previous cut for the second piece.)
2.  Line up the four sides of the window to make sure the angles match nicely.  You might need to sand the ends some.
3.  Measure the distance inside of the frame.  Divide it in half and use that length for the length of the narrow rounded trim for the window pane dividers.  Center the 45 degree angled cut on the marked line.  Cut a 45 degree angle on the other side of the piece so it comes to a point.  Cut the other 3 pieces. (Tip: On the second piece you cut, the first 45 degree angled cut will already be done from the previous piece.  This saves a bit of cutting. See the picture above.)
4.  Line up the center pieces to make sure that they fit. 
5.  Glue the center pieces in place.  I first tried wood glue, which would have been perfect except that the gaps were a bit too big and it wasn't holding in place very well.  I ended up using hot glue, which isn't the best because it's not nearly as strong as wood glue and doesn't hold to the wood as well.   I knew though that the when I added the glass it would make it stronger so I went ahead and used it. 
6.  Fill any gaps with caulk or wood filler. (I used white paintable caulk for this step, not the caulk pictured above.)  I was going for an aged look, so I didn't completely fill the gaps with the caulk.  Let it dry completely before you paint. 
7.  Paint the window (I didn't bother to paint the back). 
8.  This next step is hard to see in the picture.  Put a bead of clear kitchen/bath caulk around the inside of the frame and on the center of the inside pieces.
I used the glass from this dollar frame for my window.  It's an 8x8 frame.
9.  Take the piece of glass, line it up, and press it down on the caulk.  The caulk will hold the glass in place when it's dry.
10.  Age the window.  Distress it by sanding the areas you want distressed some and then go over it with distress ink (I used dark walnut) or stain. 
You can make whatever size of window you'd like by using different sizes of wood and glass.  Or you could use a mirror, pictures, cork board, etc. instead of glass or just leave it empty.  There are a lot of possibilities.
Because I only needed to buy the picture frame for the glass and already had the other supplies, I was able to make this paned window for only $1!  One thing I love is a great deal. :)
I'd love to have you come over and visit Today's Fabulous Finds!  You might like my other paint stick projects as well, including a narrow crate and printable Christmas ornaments
Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog with your readers Karen!


  1. those flowers are gorgeous, janet! and i love your cute window project--tfs:)

  2. Very clever! Using paint sticks to create a frame... who would have ever thought of it?!?!? Great idea :D

  3. What a clever use of paint sticks! It looks awesome - especially with your beautiful setup in the frame with all that greenery. I think I need to make one - or several! :)


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