Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today's Guest: A Glimpse Inside

Hello everyone!

I'm Allison and I blog over at A Glimpse Inside.
I'm an Army wife with a creative side so I decided to start blogging to share our adventures with the military as well as my crafty endeavors.

I am thrilled Karen asked me to be apart of her Monster Craft Bash.
We are currently living in an apartment, well until the end of October, and all of my Fall decorations are in storage so this was a great excuse for me to make some more to somewhat decorate.

I am here to share with you an easy, no sew Halloween Bunting Banner.

Would you like to know how to make it?
Here ya go!

-Black and Orange Burlap
-Bias Tape
-Hot Glue Gun
- Stencils (optional)
-Cutting machine (optional)

How to make it:
I created a template with my Silhouette of the two sizes of my bunting flags but you can easily draw and cut it out by hand as well.

I created a template 4 x 4.5 to use to cut out the orange burlap.
I also cut out a 3 x 3.5 to use to cut the black burlap.

I then doubled the the burlap and laid the template on top to cut around.
Cut the number you need for whatever saying you are putting on your banner.
I needed 11 triangles of each.

Take a stencil or you can free hand it, and lay it on top of the smaller triangle.
Take your paint and paint it in.

I used a light gray paint.

Continue until your saying is complete.

To make the actual banner, lay the smaller triangle on the larger one. Open up the bias tape, I used a double folded bias tape, and put the flag inside. Make sure the edge of the flags are up against the center fold.

Add hot glue on top of the flags.

Then fold down and press smooth.

I also put a super small dot of glue at the tip of the black burlap to prevent it from flapping up.

Here is the "Fright" banner.

And here is my "Night" banner.

I think they look great around the Halloween art I created!

Hope you like them as well!

Thanks for having me over Karen!
Feel free to stop by my neck of the bloggy woods any time! :)

Thanks so much Allison!  That is adorable!  Can't go wrong with Burlap:)

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  1. This is so cute Allison!! I love the colors you chose and I think it looks great with your artwork!!


Thank you so much for your comments...I love them!!

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