Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today's Guest: Michele from The Scrap Shoppe

Hello, Pocket Full of Pink readers!
I'm very excited to be here for Karen's Monster Craft Batch!
I'm Michele, and I create over at The Scrap Shoppe.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for so I'm super excited to share today's project with you!
I'm going to show you how to make
The first thing we'll need to do is dye our doilies black because white
 just doesn't scream spooky to me.
How about you?
Supplies for dying doilies
pie tin
black acrylic paint
cheap doilies (mine were $1 each at Michael's)
freezer or wax paper
latex gloves (not shown)
(Note: You can dye as many doilies as you like! I used 5.)
1. Add water to your pie tin then a nice long squeeze of paint. 
2. Use your toothpick to mix the water and paint thoroughly. It will look like a big dish of black water.
3. Put on your latex gloves and dip one of the doilies in the water mixture.
4. Using your hand, push the doily around in the water mixture to get the paint into all of the crevasses.
5. If you happen to miss a spot when you start to pull your doily out of the water mixture just dip it back in again and work the water into that area.
6. Once you are satisfied that the doily has covered with the black paint, remove it from the water and very gently squeeze out the excess water. If you wring it out too hard you will lose some of the coloring!
7. Lay the doily out flat on your freezer paper to dry.
Repeat with all of the doilies.
(Note: I went through this process twice. After the dying the doilies once and allowing the them to dry in the sun, I felt they were too gray for my taste. I simply ran through the dying process again and was satisified with the coloring the second time around.)
8. Once the doilies are completely dry, use a ruler to measure across the center.
9. Cut the doily in half.
10. Repeat for all of your doilies.
11. Take some black ribbon and stretch it out so that you can line the doilies up underneath it. I stretched mine across my giant cutting mat and kept the ends taute with clothespins. You can do something similar with a table if you don't have a giant mat like mine! When you line up the doilies underneath the ribbon be sure that you lay them out upside down (the back of the doilies may not be colored as well as the front).
12. Take some fabric glue (I prefer Fabri-Tac from Beacon's) and run it along the length of your ribbon.
13. Place your doily (upside down!) on top of the line of glue. Repeat down the length of the ribbon.
Continue the gluing process until all of your doilies have been added to the ribbon.
Once your glue has dried and you flip the doilies back around you will have a nice clean look along the top of the doily bunting!
Hang your spider web doily bunting where you dare!
Mine is spookifying my mantel!
And, of course, no spider web is complete without a spider!
This fat little guy is made with a homemade black yarn pom pom and silver pipe cleaners.
Happy Halloween, y'all!
Come by and visit sometime!
Thanks so much for having me over, Karen!

Thanks for hanging out on my blog today Michele!  That bunting is super cute!  You should go check out Michele's Scrap Shoppe blog.  Check out these Mod Podged Shelves!
Go to her blog to find out how she made this and look around!  She is so crafty:)


  1. This is a great idea. You could use it for other holidays as well. I think Dollar Tree even sells forest green ones. I might be copying this one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is soo cute Michele!! I love the black doilies - and the little spider is awesome!!

  3. I love this! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for having me over, Karen! And I'm sorry I didn't comment yesterday. Blogger has been giving me fits!

  5. such a great idea, michele! thanks so much!


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