Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's Guest: Lil' Luna

Hi there!

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I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE this time of year.
I LIVE for the holidays.
Seriously - they make me giddy!

Well, as I was busting out some Holiday Decor I realized I needed to make a simple but fun bunting banner to hang from my entertainment center for Halloween. This is what I came up with.

So easy and fun!
Here is how you do it...

-Scrapbook Paper
-Ink Pad
-Sewing machine
-Glue Stick
-Hole Punch


1. Begin by deciding what shape you want your banner. I thought half circles would be great and just traced half a bowl for my scrapbook paper pattern. I also traced a slightly larger bowl for the cardstock pattern. Trace and cut out for your scrapbook paper and cardstock.

2. For an added vintage touch, distress the edges of your paper with a stamp pad.

3. You will then glue your scrapbook papers to their coordinating cardstock paper.

4. From there, sew a zig-zag stitch all the end of your scrapbook paper.

5. Hole punch the top sides of each half-circle, string with ribbon or tulle and hang. :)

What's great about this is I want to hang the banner all year long and have made papers that match my room decor. I'm also planning on making some red and green half-circles for when Christmas hits and will probably do the same for the other holidays. :)

I hope you like it!

Be sure to come on over to Lil' Luna and say hi! I'd love to have you! 

XO - Kristyn
Isn't she Uber talented?  Thanks Kristyn for partying with us today!!
Kristyn has so many cute ideas on her blog.  Here is one of my favorite's:
I have wanted to make these forever!  You can find the tutorial here.


  1. I absolutely love the zig-zag stitching on this banner, so cute! Makes me want to get my sewing machine out and zig-zag something. :) Nice job!


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