Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Halloween Treat and a Vintage decoration

Are you getting TOTALLY sick of Halloween decorations like I am?  It happens every year to me.  We get bombarded from about August on. 

Well, I am squeezing in just a couple of Halloween treats I want to share with you.  I promise it will be good, K?

First I made some goodies for my kids friends and neighbors.  I simply dipped pretzels into yummy melted yellow, orange and white chocolate.  Then I sprinkled Fall looking jimmies on them. I saw this out there in blog land somewhere, so it's nothing new or too exciting.  They sure taste good though.

oh, and I made the cute little toppings for the bags.  Just some scrapbook paper, rubber stamp and black ink!


As I am writing this my stomach is killing me because I ate too many, blah!
It was worth it though:)

The second thing I want to show you is a cute little Halloween Vintage image decoration.  Very simple and cheap to make.
I used one of those blank pieces of metal you can buy in different sizes with 2 holes on the top to hang.  I used some cute vintage images I purchased a LONG time ago here.  I used Mod Podge (my true love) to adhere all the images, then covered the whole thing with another layer of Mod Podge.

I let the whole thing dry (about 30 minutes), then added the cute pom pom ribbon and the bow on top.  EASY!  It probably took me a total of about 45 minutes. 

Come back tomorrow for another Monster Craft Bash guest!  FUN times!!


  1. I love your pretzel bags, especially the three colors of chocolate. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Love the pretzel bags, what a way to be hospitable in your neighborhood. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by hating martha...love the goodie bags! Im hungry!

  4. Cute! And yummy...I LOVE pretzels with chocolate. :)


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