Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY Spooky Boo Frame

Hello friends! 
Today I want to share with you my Spooky Boo Frame:

Everything I made this with I already had on hand!  Super cheap and Easy:)

Supplies you will need:
-Old frame from thrift store {I got mine at Salvation Army for about 1$}
-Paint {I used Black and Wedding Cake white}
-Sponge brush
-vinyl lettering {or you could cut the letters out of paper}
-scrapbook paper
-sticky back foamie pumpkins {I think I got these at Micheal's}
1. Grab your frame and take the glass and backing out.
2. Paint the frame black using foam brush {I just did 1 coat}.
3. Pick your scrapbook paper and trace the size out using the backing on the frame.
4. Just a cool picture of what my paper looks like!
5. Frame painted and with paper inserted.
6. Sponge brush over black paint with white paint.  I didn't cover all the black. I like the way it makes it look kinda spooky!
7. Apply pumpkins and vinyl lettering to paper {not the glass on the frame!}
8.  Slide the finished masterpiece into the frame.

Now you have a cute decoration that you can switch out with other fun inserts! 

I love interchangeable decorations:)

Hope your having a fantastic weekend!!

This was previously posted at Katie {Did}it as part of her Halloween series.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bead board Photo Display with i Love to Create Puffy Paint!

Hi friends!  Hope your week is going well!  Today I have something fun to share with you!

 Last week I was sent a package of i Love to Create puffy paint to do a craft project with.  

When I opened the box, my 10 yr. old was SUPER excited!  The paint is gorgeous and the colors were vibrant and NEON.  They were so fun to work with.

Here are the supplies I used:

-i Love to Create Puffy Paint (found at Walmart!)
-bead board
-magnetic board
-Martha Stewart Black Metal Metallic paint
-scrapbook paper
-Wooden spider (Michael's)
-Mod Podge
-super glue

1.  I picked out the paper I wanted to use to cover the metal board with. 

2. I painted the bead board with the Black Metal Metallic Paint. 

3.  I covered the metal board with the paper using Mod Podge. 

4. After that was dry, I glued the metal board to the bead board with Super Glue. 

5. I did the border on the bead board with the Puffy Paint.  I let that dry for several hours.

6. I painted the cute wooden spider black and made the eyes and outlines with the puffy paint.  I let that dry for about 2 hours.  I then glued the spider on the wood.

7.   I used some cute little Halloween magnets that I made a while back to hold the cute picture of my daughter! 


I love how it turned out and I love it that my daughter did this with me and even gave me some cool ideas:)

I can't wait to display this project in my house this Fall!

Find my post disclosure here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Birthday Party

Hi Pocket Full Of Pink readers! I am SO excited to be here today on Karen's blog. She is just so sweet! My name is Katie, and I blog over at Katie{Did}It! Over at my blog I do lots of DIY projects, crafts, and some recipes. I hope to see some of you visiting some time!

So what I have for you today, is a little post about my sons One Year Old birthday party. My sweet little boy turned one this past Sunday, the 23rd. I can't believe he is already a year! It goes by fast and slow at the same time... And what a wonderful and eventful year it was! So without further ado, here are some of my photos from the party... Hope you like it!

There is my sweet little one year old during his birthday cake smash! Well, cupcake smash. I decided not to do a cake and just do cupcakes. Easier, faster, and cheaper. Plus, I got to make lots of fun and cute cupcake toppers, which you will see below!

Tehe! I had lots of fun playing around on pic monkey to make this photo of him. I just found a cute picture that I already had of him, and added a little mustache. Then I framed it and put it on the table where all the food was, for display. Easy peasy! See that cute little white treat bag with the mustache on it, over to the side? Those were super easy to do too!

I made this printable as well. Pretty easy, not much to it. The only problem was, my printer was acting up, and it cut off the polka dots that were also supposed to frame the top and bottom of the printable. Boo. But, no one else noticed, so oh well. I just love that little saying with the mustaches!

I ordered the cups and straws on Etsy. They were so fun, and a big hit! I just love striped paper straws, don't you? They just add that fun something extra...

For the "centerpiece" I blew up some balloons and put a penny in them so they would hang upside down. Then I tied them to my chandelier and added some fun ribbon to hang down with it. At the end of the ribbons I used some double sided tape and stuck on the left over cupcake toppers I had.

And there are my sweet little mustache cupcake toppers! I just love the way they turned out. And they are absolutely easy and cheap. Isn't that the best?! I will be doing a tutorial over on the blog on how I put these together, and how I did the mustache treat bags. Stop on by to check it out!

So, have you ever DIY'ed a birthday party? What theme did you go with? How did it turn out?!

Thanks for having me here today, Karen! I had a blast! I hope you all enjoyed this party and I would love to see you again over at Katie{Did}It!

I love this adorable idea!  Thanks so much for guest posting today Katie!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mini Vacation to see my BFF!

Hi Friends!

I just got back this week from Salt Lake City Utah where I was visiting my BFF Michelle! 
Michelle and I at Lake Solitude in the SLC canyons.


I sure love these canyons.  They were so calming and peaceful.  I was overwhelmed with how beautiful they were!  

Donut Falls

We had a fabulous time hiking, shopping, eating out, watching movies, and just relaxing!

I have known this Sweet Friends since we were in the 10th grade.  I can't believe it's been that long.  She has and always will be my BFF!  

So peaceful isn't it?

There was one place I wanted to go while I was in Salt Lake.  And I mean REALLY bad!  

I know what your thinking...big deal! Isn't this just like Michaels?  I must say- N-O-W-A-Y!!  
Hobby Lobby is H-E-A-V-E-N!  

It is huge and they have SO much more than Michaels including FABRIC!  

I loved it:)

Another cool think thing we did was visit the Brigham City LDS Temple open house.  It was gorgeous!

Lovely, huh?  This temple was so pretty inside and I loved the decor they used!  Amazing:)

This trip was 4 days of yummy food (Cafe Rio!!), fun hikes and just lots of relaxing.  

Thanks my BFF for letting me hang out for the weekend!  Love Ya:)

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend full of lots of family and friend activities!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blogging over at Katie {did} it today

Hi all! 

 Today I am guest posting over at Katie {did} it today!  She is having 15 Tricks to Treat your Halloween from Sept. 16-30th.  There are all kinds of awesome guests sharing some cool Halloween crafts, recipes, etc.

I would love you to stop by and see the fun Halloween Tutorial I am sharing today!!

Hope to see you there....

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My oldest is now a college Freshman!

It's actually here!  My oldest is ready to go to college!  Tomorrow I am driving her to Idaho to start her Freshman year at BYU-Idaho.  

I am so excited for her!  

She is a smart, lovely, responsible girl and I know she is ready to be on her own.  I am torn, because the selfish part of me wants her just to stay here and go to the community college.  I will miss her smile (see the cutie on the far right).  She is my running partner, my math tutor, my friend.  I know they tell you that you shouldn't be your child's "friend," but she is one of my best friends.

Natalie is the one on the far right.  She is about 9 years old here.
Now she is 18!  Time flies so quickly.  

She use to LOVE all the princesses when she was young!  She had such a great time at Disneyland and she collected ALL of their signatures!  

Today is bittersweet, packing, worrying about whether she has everything she will need for her apartment, and hoping she will have fun and never get lonely.  


Wow this week just flew by!  I have been back 2 days!  I sure had fun taking Natalie to BYU-I.  She loves it so far.  It was hard saying goodbye, but I know this is where she needs to be.  

It is comforting to know that she knows that too.  She has prayed about it and knows that she should be there right now.  

I took a few pictures with my phone (because I forgot my camera!!), but I haven't figured out how to get them on here!  My lack of how to use all these technical gadgets is VERY frustrating!!

I will post some pictures soon:)  

Hope your having a fantastic weekend.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY Happy Harvest Old Wood Sign

I am loving the weather we are having here in Oregon!  Fall is in the air, you can just feel it.  I love how the mornings, and evenings are a little cooler:) Wonderful!

I am so excited to share this next project with you! 

 I made this with some old wood that my Dad had in his basement.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Here are the supplies you will need:

-vinyl lettering
-an old piece of wood that looks weathered
-paint (I used a pumpkin color)
-sander or sand paper
-stain (I used Delta Gel
Wood Stain)
-sponge brush

First I covered the sign with paint using my sponge brush.  This sign is very rough, so my sponge brush was ruined, but that's ok, they were 20 for $1 at Micheals!

I only did one coat and I didn't worry too much about weather it was completely covered.

Here's my vinyl lettering.  I got this about a year or so ago at a garage sale for pennies!  I love a bargin!!  Can you believe anyone would voluntarily get rid of vinyl lettering??? I can't comprehend this:)

Here is what the old wood looked like after 1 coat of paint.  

This sign actually came with only 1 end edged like this.  I used my scroll saw to do the other edge!

After the orange paint was dry, I applied the Gel Wood Stain with a rag.  It went on super easy!  It doesn't stain your hand like other stains I've used.

Here's where I applied the vinyl lettering.  It was a little tricky to get on because I think the vinyl is old.  It seems to be sticking ok, but it might have worked a little better if I stenciled it:)

It's a little tricky when you lift of the paper.  You have to pull it off as carefully as possible and S--l--O--W--L--Y!

I am super happy with how it turned out and guess what?  It cost me about 2.00!!  I had everything on hand, but if you had to buy the paint and stain, it would cost about 2 bucks:)  

I am lovin' it!  I love anything that looks, worn, distressed, etc.

My lovely 10 yr. old daughter encouraged me to use the cute little squirrel in the picture and I think I like the way the picture turned out.

What do you think??

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