Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Heart You Valentine Flower Pot decor Tutorial

 I couldn't wait any longer!  I had to come up with a cute Valentine decoration for my house.  I really like how it turned out.  I especially like the fact that I only used stuff that I had around my house and I didn't spend ANY moolah on it! 

Isn't it lovely?  I love how it turned out!  It took me about 2 hours to make.  It's hard to tell, I would do some, then go do something else.  It didn't seem very long though!

Wanna know how to make it?  Here are the directions:

1/8-1/4 yd of 2 coordinating fabrics
same amount of cotton batting
flower pot
3 sticks cut in different sizes
buttons- I used 6
ric rack
glue gun
Burlap- just enough for 3 small circles
white tissue paper
sewing machine (or you can sew it by hand)
paint- I used Americana and mixed Spa Blue and Salem Blue together
Green floral foam- just a little square block

First, you have to pick some cute material.  I chose MODA Basic Grey's Blush Fabric.  Super cute!  I love the colors.  For the heart shapes I googled heart templates and got tons of different sizes of hearts.  I chose 3 different sizes and printed them out, cut them out and used them to cut out my fabric hearts.

Here is what my flower pot looked like before.  Not too bad, but I have had it stored away for a long time and it was scratched. I wanted to paint it Robin egg blue to match with the fabric!

I didn't do this, but I should have painted the pot first, so it would have plenty of time to dry while you sew your 3 hearts.  I put 3 coats of paint on my pot.  Oh, and paint your 3 sticks! 

Now, sew your hearts.  I cut out the batting a bit larger than the fabric hearts, so it stuck out a little from the edges, then I used pink and red thread to sew around the hearts. 

Next, I cut short strips of large and small rick rack and got glued them on.  Then I glued 1 button on the end of 1 of the pieces of rick rack.  Don't burn your fingers!  That stuff is SUPER hot.

Now, here's where I kinda stopped taking pictures.  Sorry, I got really excited about posting this, I forgot to take the dang pictures!  

When you get the hearts all done.  Hot glue the hearts onto the sticks. I also cut out a piece of fabric and glued it on the back to cover up the stick. 

Cut out 3 small shapes of burlap, and fabric to glue on the pot.  I just randomly cut out my shapes to look kinda like posies (I know, they don't really look like posies). 

After I cut out the shapes, I frayed the burlap a little, meaning pull out some of the burlap so it looks frayed on the edges (I hope that makes sense!).  Now glue the fabric shape on top of the burlap, then a cute little button on top of the fabric.  Glue each shape onto the pot.  I glued on 3. 

Here is a close up of the burlap and fabric flowers.  I also sanded the flower pot a little around the edges and I like how the red came out from underneath, don't you?

Lastly, put the green floral foam in the pot.  I had to cut mine quite a bit to get it to fit.  Then I stuck my cute little hearts in randomly.  To cover the nice green foam, I cut strips of white tissue paper and wadded it up, then set it in the pot.  

Here is a close up of the hearts.  Can you see the very small amount of snow we got overnight?  Yea, neither can I.  But it's there, promise:)

Now, display it so your friends and neighbors can see it and be jealous that you are so crafty!  Enjoy.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Oh..... now I know that sounded cold hearted, but I didn't really mean it that way. 

Yesterday, my 9 year old DD went downstairs to feed the pigs (Guinea), and she found Ethel dead and stiff as a board.  She came running upstairs crying.  I felt so bad for her.  She loved Ethel very much.  Ethel's original companion Lucy died about 8 months ago. 

Hubby and I traveled about 4 hrs. to get a new companion for Ethel.  Her name is Dolly.  Dolly is a little funny.  She doesn't like to be handled AT ALL.  Her face kind of reminds me of a rat's face.  Let's just say we haven't gotten as attached to her as the other 2 ladies. 

So now we have to decide whether to get another companion for Dolly, or find a home for Dolly.  I am leaning toward finding another home for her.  If we get a new guinea pig I am afraid she will be mean to it.   We will have to discuss this as a family and decide. I am voting for a dog. 

Just what you wanted to read about.  My Guinea Pig woes.  I will quit rambling and show you the cute picture of Ethel:

These ladies were best buds. We are sad that Ethel is gone.  Rest in peace Ethel! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Craft ideas

Yes, Christmas is over, and I really do love this time of year, but it's always kind of a relief when it is over!

I am not quite ready to go full on into Valentines Day yet, so I found some really cute Snowman ideas for crafts.  Here they are:

This is such a simple, but very cute idea for a card.  Kids can easily make these!  You can find the directions HERE.

I think these little guys are so adorable!  Find out how to make them HERE.

This is one of my favorites!  I love the cute little mittens and hat with scarf.  Easy to make. Find out HERE.
Cute little Pom Pom Snowmen!  Love THIS idea.

I hope these inspire you to make some Winter crafts!  I don't want Winter to be over quite yet, even though we have gotten nothing but this:

 I would really like to see some of this:

According to the latest forecast, we may get a little (fingers crossed!).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking Goodies all afternoon

I am soooo tired!  I have been baking ALL afternoon.  I helped my daughter make Easy Fudge.  I am not a fudge person, but she was really wanting to make it, so she pretty much did it on her own.  She did a great job!

I made Candy Cane Kiss Cookies.  They turned out really yummy!  I especially love the Candy Cane Kisses.  Super yummy!  You can get the recipe HERE.

See how there are little bits of the peppermint kiss in the cookie dough?  OH, the dough is so delicious!
They were pretty quick to make and they turned out great!  YUMMY!!

I will be back the day after Christmas.  My hubby has a few days off, so I am going to spend it with my family.  Have a wonderful Holiday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I was just looking at some of my favorite blogs and WOW!  Look at the cute ideas over at OOPSEY DAISY.  She has tons of other cute craft ideas for the whole year!
Here is an example of one of her last minute Christmas gift ideas:
Super cute, huh? 
Now, go check out her will be so glad you did!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

uVinyl Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Susan Meep!  You won the uVinyl Giveaway!  I am jealous!!  Have fun with your vinyl!  Here is what Susan said:

I would love the saying "if you can dream it you can do it." suelee1998 @

Well, Susan you might just get your wish!  Susannah will be contacting you soon. 

Have a wonderful day:)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some yummy goodies to make this Holiday Season

 ******If you are looking for the uVinyl Giveaway, click HERE and enter!  Hurry, Giveaway ends December 17th @ Midnight!!  UPDATE:  Giveaway will be extended to Monday Dec. 20th @ Midnight!!

 So how is your last week before Christmas going?  I am almost ready.  Hubby and I just about finished our shopping yesterday.  Now I have a lot of presents to wrap!  Good thing I have 2 teenagers to wrap.  They are so helpful....

Here are some goodies that I want to make this week for neighbors, friends, etc.  I love to bake the last few days before Christmas and take my kids to deliver them.  Here are a few:
Peppermint Fudge
Doesn't this look decadent?  I sooo want to try this recipe!
I am not a big fan of fudge, but this looks absolutely irresistable!

Candy Cane Blossoms
Oh, these kisses are so yummy!  I bought some the other day and they taste fabulous!  Here is the recipe.

Homemade Oreo's
Don't these look to die for?  I am so excited to try these!  Find the recipe here.

There are some wonderful goodies for you to try!  I hope you are enjoying your Holiday Season! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Snack Mix - Neighbor and Teacher Gifts

******If you are looking for the uVinyl Giveaway, click HERE and enter!  Hurry, Giveaway ends December 17th @ Midnight!!  UPDATE:  Giveaway will be extended to Monday Dec. 20th @ Midnight!!

Today it just hit me, I need to start getting my Teacher gifts all wrapped up and figure out what I am going to make for neighbors, friends, etc.

I get kinda tired of making cookies and candies every year.  I don't like cleaning up the mess, and it makes me cranky!  So this year I am making SANTA SNACK MIX for all my friends, neighbors and the teachers too!  

Here is all my ingredients all over the counter!  Doesn't it look yummy??  Luckily I had just eaten (TONS of muddy buddies), so I was not the least bit tempted to eat that bag of peanut M & M's.  Like my Keep Calm and Jingle On printable in the background? 

Here is my first batch.  I think I can honestly say I crave everything in this bowl!

Here is everything all wrapped up nice and cute!  I ran out of some of the ribbon, and I wanted to use what I had, that's why there are a variety of packaging.

I packaged the snack mix in those Rubbermaid Take alongs.  I got them at the Dollar Tree.  You get 2 for a dollar, YAY!  I also bought my rolls of cellophane and the ribbon at the Dollar Tree.

Does this stuff look familiar??  I made these for my kids teachers.  The sticky note holder idea I found HERE.  The cute little paint stick ornament I found HERE I absolutely ADORE both of these blogs!  You have to fully explore them and you will get inspired to CRAFT!

If you would like, here is the yummy recipe for the SANTA SNACK MIX:

1 box of Sugar Pops cereal (I got large ones)

2lbs Peanut M&M's

1lb Salted Nuts (I used lightly salted dry roasted)

2lbs Plain M&M's

1 small pkg of Raisins (I used about 8oz.)

3 small pkgs of Cracker Jacks (the prizes are SO lame)

Mix everything together and eat until you are in a Sugar Induced Coma.
This is soooo yummy!  I can't wait to give it to my friends and neighbors (and get it out of my house!).

Have a great week before Christmas!

I am listening to my Amy Grant Christmas CD right now.  I love it....

Monday, December 13, 2010

GIVEAWAY: $25 Gift Certificate to

 I am so excited to be hosting this Giveaway!  Susannah from is giving away a $25 Gift certificate to her store!  She also has an ETSY store.  Here are some examples of what you could buy with the certificate:
 uVinyl has so many cool vinyl decals on her website!  There are soooo many awesome possibilities.  
I have received some vinyl from uVinyl and I LOVED it! Susannah was so nice and willing to do whatever I wanted!  I was really excited about what she sent me.  Here is what I made with it:
I absolutely love it!  I have seen many of these out in Blog land and she did such a great job on mine!  Thanks Susannah!!

Here is a little information about Susannah and how she got started with her business uVinyl:
 "Within 1 year I have gotten married, moved twice, quit my job, and
started a business. The inspiration for this business came from my
sister-- a crafty stay-at-home wife and mother of three.  She loves to
decorate and loves her children, but can't afford and doesn't have the
time to re-decorate for every new phase she or they go through.  Vinyl
is a material that can be inexpensive, last as long as you decide, is
personalize-able, attaches to any hard surface with no surface damage,
and looks absolutely beautiful. Now women like my sister can decorate
however they wish! I truly believe that decorating is not a
priviledge, it's a right! Everyone deserves to be surrounded by what
they love, so empower your inner designer!"
This is one of my favorite's from her shop!  I love OWLS!
It has been so much fun getting to know Susannah and I can't wait to see who wins the certificate! 

So here are the details for the Giveaway:
 There are several ways to enter the giveaway. Please make a separate comment for each entry. 
1.  This is mandatory!  Become a follower of Susannah's blog  and please leave your e-mail address so we can contact you if you win!
2.  Go to uVinyl's ETSY shop or website and let me know what you love, or what you would like to see.
3. Follow my Blog for a 3rd Entry!  I think you will like my blog!  I love Vinyl too and have some ideas for decorating with Vinyl, crafts, Giveaways, etc. 
So there it is!  Good luck to all of you.  This Giveaway ends Friday December 17th at Midnight, so hurry and get your entries in!
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