Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet Bonnie from Revolutionaries!

Hello! My name is Bonnie and I'm the creator of the blog Revolutionaries. It is such an honor to be guest posting today for Pocket Full of Pink!

Over at Revolutionaries you can find a variety of things-- I mostly blog about crafting and redoing furniture, but I also blog about my faith and the band that I sing background vocals for. One thing you should know about me is that I recently graduated from college, so I am on a tight budget. When I say I'm a po' kid, I'm not joking! I consider it a good thing, though, because my budget forces me to get creative. For example, my favorite materials to use are toilet paper rolls!

Besides crafting, I absolutely love transforming furniture that I find at yard sales or on Craigslist. I love giving pieces new life and personality! These are my favorite furniture projects so far:

Overall, I'm just a 22 year old craft nerd that loves creating beautiful (and cheap budget-friendly) pieces. If you're constantly on a budget like I am, or just like the challenge, I hope you'll come by Revolutionaries and say hello! Thanks again to Karen for allowing me to meet all of you lovelies today :)

Wow!  Isn't Bonnie so creative with those toilet paper rolls?  I love the Fall Wall Art she made with them.  Be sure to stop by and give Bonnie some love on her Blog!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink and Black Sabrina Pennant Wreath

I am calling this my Sabrina Wreath.  Want to know why?  See that cute paper I used for the pennant?  The name is Making Memories- Sabrina.  I am in DEEP love with it.  It makes me very happy!  

These wreath's are all over blog land, but I am going to show you how I made it anyways!  

Here is what you will need:

Sorry, not all the supplies are in the picture!

-Some uber cute fabric.  I used 2 different coordinating patterns.

-wreath {Mine is a small one that I got with 2 others at Salvation Army.}

-glue gun

-scrapbook paper

-ribbon, or string

-pearl beads

I did a horrible job at taking pictures of every step, so FORGIVE me!  What I did was rip long pieces of the main fabric about 2-3 inches wide, then wrapped it around the wreath.  I glued down the edges with my glue gun. 

If you aren't sure how to make the felt flowers, go here.  She has some other darling felt flower tutorials on her blog as well.

Here's a close up of the fabric rosettes.  There are a bazillion tutorials out there for these.  One of my favorites is this one.

So of course after I made the flowers, I glued them on with my glue gun.  I also put some cute pearl beads in one of the flowers.  Cute touch, right?

I had the wreath all finished and hanging on my wall for a few weeks, but I just felt like it needed more.  So I made a cute little pennant banner to go on the wreath.  I chose the cute MM Sabrina paper for this. 

I also used my Cricut to cut out the triangles, but you could easily do this by hand and punch holes in the corners with a small hole punch.

Without further Adieu, here is my Sabrina Pennant Wreath:

Lovely, right?  I am really pleased with how it turned out!  

Be sure and stop by tomorrow for a Guest Post!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keeping it Real {Sunday}

 I love Sundays {most of the time}.  For me, it's a day to spend with my family, attend church and just relax.  There ARE times I don't like Sunday's, like when I don't want to be around other people and feel like I have to talk to people. 

 I am having struggles with enjoying my life lately.  Sounds silly huh?  I have 3 beautiful children, a wonderful husband and I have so much to be thankful for.  I should be blissfully happy, right?  Well, not so much.  I am trying to remember this:

 Easier said than done, right?  I am REALLY trying to work on this.
I think what it really comes down to is this:  I have a low self-esteem.  I always have.  I don't know why.  I have never felt good enough or smart enough.  I am not saying this so you can feel sorry for me.  One of the reasons I started a blog was so I could express how I feel and to be real.  I am just sayin' what I am feeling.

Sometimes I wonder what I have to contribute to this life.  I don't have any GRAND talents or abilities.  
But, I am a MOM.  That counts for something, right?  My mother has had such a big impact on my life and I have always wanted to have that same kind of impact on my children. 

I don't mean for this to turn into a FEEL SORRY for ME post.  It's not like that.  I am just going through the road of life and happen to be hitting some roadblocks.  
Everyone does.  We just need to get through them and get back on the road. 

It's important to keep plugging along and to not give up.  Happiness is work.  It doesn't just come naturally {well, for some people, I think it does}.  

I hope this may have helped someone like it has helped me writing it down.  
Have a fabulous SUNDAY and BE HAPPY!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project from the past: Valentine Burlap Banner

*Congratulations Stephanie on Winning the Valentine's Goodies!  You have been contacted:)  Thanks to all who entered.  Have a great weekend!!

I was so excited when I found this in my box of Valentine Decorations!  I had forgotten I made it a year or so ago.  I used Burlap, fabric, ribbon and some scrapbook paper.  Super Easy and cheap to make!  My post about it is here.

This is one of my favorite projects from a year ago.  It only took about 15 minutes to put together!  

I {heart} you frame  made with Scrapbook paper, chipboard letters, and Mod Podge.  Easy and REALLY cheap!  Find out how I made it here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Frolic #11

This week just flew by!  I can't believe it's Friday already!  I haven't been very crafty this week, so I am so jazzed to see what you have been working on!  

Show me what ya got!


2. Link to your specific post, that way it is easier for everybody to find and read it.

3.  Please don't link to your giveaways.  There are other link parties for this!

 4.  Please link back to my blog.  I would love it if you would grab aFriday Frolic button, or you could post a text link.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today's Guest: VB Creations

Hey there! My name is Venassa and I'm so excited to be posting here at Pocket Full of Pink!

 I blog about my crafty side over at VB Creations. And Me? I'm a mid-twenties girl from Canada, a new mom to a baby girl, and an obsessed crafter. I always had a bit of a crafty side, but after discovering blogging, and the oh-so-addicting Pinterest, I find myself inspired much more often.

I love painting and playing with wood, or trying to make some new DIY piece of home decor, but my first love will always be working with paper: scrapbooking and cardmaking.

And a new thing to create out of paper: wall decor.

During my pregnancy, not only did I go through my nesting stage, I also went through a crazy crafting stage, and I've been a bit obsessed ever since.

I had a Super Mario theme in mind for my daughter's nursery, but we were on a tight budget. Buying beautiful matching nursery decor was out of the question for me. Then, inspiration struck, and I created almost everything in her Super Mario nursery by hand. I made all the wall decorations out of cardstock, I made the Bob-omb lamp myself, painted a cheap shelf, and decorated the letters spelling her name. I was so pleased with how it all turned out, and it kept me busy at the end of my pregnancy.

Now with my daughter taking up most of my free time, I don't have the time to make even half of the projects I'd love to try, but I've finally managed to get in some creating time here and there. My favorite thing that I managed to create lately was super easy to make: A DIY dry erase message board.

It was a fun gift idea that I made with my newlywed friend in mind. She loved it, and I recently got a message from her saying that they've written on it almost everyday since I gave it to them. And of course it was Pinterest-inspired.

In the next while I'd love to get back into my scissors and glue and make some Valentine's Day cards to send to friends, paint some wooden numbers for my daughter's room, and create some brand new paper wall decor for her room now that I've moved. I can't wait to get started, and get blogging about it.

What's your number one craft love? Are you a painter? A paper crafter? A knitter?

Wahoo!  Isn't that train card and dry erase board so dang cute?  I love Venassa's crafty blog.  Stop by and give her some love today!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Friday Frolic top 5 Features!

Ok, ladies, I am losing my mind:)  I forgot it was Wednesday and that I usually post Friday Frolic top 5 on Wednesdays.  How silly of me!  I apologize.

 I changed things up a bit.  This time I chose my favorite 5 link ups!  The main reason is I can't seem to get access to the link ups at you know where to see what the most clicked on links were.  So I am improvising.  FORGIVE ME! I also had a hard time choosing.  There were so many wonderful projects last week:)

Here are my 5 of my favorites from last weeks Friday Frolic!

When I saw that she used left over cardboard from a couch she ordered, I was sold.  This is SO.  DANG.  AWESOME!  This is from the blog Creative Passage.

Really Renata made this gorgeous yarn wreath!  Love the scrapbook paper hearts.

Today's Fabulous Finds made this adorable Valentine's Barbie Wreath.  My daughter would love to make one of these!!

This Lovely Cupid Heart Wreath is from Create, Craft, Love.

I love these Apothocary Jars Uncommon Designs made for Valentine's Day!

Thanks to all who linked up!  You all are so talented.  I am AMAZED!  If you were featured, feel free to grab a Featured button!  
Stop by Friday to link up your latest!!

What's for Dinner? Sonoma Chicken Pasta

  via: Brenda's Blog

I have been making this recipe for a year or so.  It is REALLY good.  My family loves it.  I think yours will too!

The best thing in this recipe is Bacon and Artichokes!  I am not a big Artichoke fan, but it is SO yummy in this recipe:

10 oz bow tie pasta (I have also used spiral pasta)
2 slices bacon diced
1 pound skinless, boneless, chicken breast, cut into strips *
1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes (I used 2 cans)
1 15 oz can tomato paste (I used 1 small can)
1/2 tsp dried rosemary
1 9 oz package artichoke hearts
1/2 cup slice black olives

Cook pasta according to directions. Drain and keep warm.

Cook bacon in large skillet until almost crisp. Add chicken.  Cook over medium heat until cooked through. Stir in diced tomatoes and sauce & rosemary. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add artichokes and olives. Cover and heat through. Serve over pasta.

* I used frozen chicken breasts.  I boil them, then chop them up into bite sized pieces.  (It is faster than thawing them out and tastes just as good!)

Let me know if you try this.  I would love to hear what your family thinks!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's Guest: Meredith from Haute to Sew

HI all! I'm so excited to introduce you to my blog Haute To Sew today! Guess I should tell you who I am first, right? My name is Meredith. I am a school photographer by day and a DIY, crafting, sewing nerd by night. I'm married to Mr. Perfect and have a 10 year old step-kiddo. I blog about everything from sewing to remodeling our house.
Not sure why his hand looks bigger than my head hehe
Moving on...today I want to show you some of my favorite projects.

First up, our bathroom remodel! We just finished this project not long ago. I'm so in love it! We had to work with this ugly yellow-ish tile all over the room, but it was a success! Check out how we took this bathroom from this:

To this:
Bathroom Remodel

Pretty sweet huh?! Ok next up, I upcycled these cheap plastic plates to match the curtains in my kitchen. I really think they turned out great. I smile every time I see them :)

Plate Upcycle
And I suppose I should throw in something sewing related, since ya know, my blog is named Haute To SEW. I made this tablet cover for my dad for Christmas this year. He loved it and I was super proud of it. It's really hard to give handmade, sewn gifts for guys sometimes.
Manly Tablet Cover
I also give tutorials on how to upcycle the clothes you don't wear anymore into pieces you will wear. Can you believe this used to be a baggy long sleeved shirt and a dress?? Check it out to see how it was done!
I want to give a huge THANKS to Karen for having me share today!! I hope you will stop by Haute To Sew and see what else I've been up to! I have a lot of fantastic projects coming up soon so make sure you stay awhile {wink wink}. I'm also going to be starting a "sewing tips" series, so be on the lookout for that! Have a wonderful day!

Wow!  This woman is seriously talented!  I love the shirt refashion!  Thanks so much for stopping by Meredith:)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Handmade Valentine Goodie Stash {Giveaway!}

Are you all ready for a Giveaway?  I haven't had my own Giveaway for months!  Ya ready for a HUGE Valentine stash?  Take a lookey:

Here is what is included in the Giveaway:
 -15 lips mini cards
-28 Heart stickers (I made these with my cricut and xyron machine)
-8 Polka Dot heart thank you notes
-18 Red stripe Thank you notes
-2 packages of buttons (Little girl and Dress up)
-2 packages of Basic Grey Fibers
-1 package of Romance Epoxy stickers
-1 Narratives Envelope
-19 Sheets of 6 x 6 Spring Paper

Those cute little "Thank you's"  would be great for someone who has an Etsy Shop.  You can send them with your orders to your customers!

Here is what you need to do to enter this Giveaway:

-Be a follower of my blog
- "like" me on Facebook
-Be sure and leave me your e-mail so I can get hold of you if you win!

That's it!  Simple, eh?  
Good luck! 

Giveaway ends Friday January 27th @ midnight
Open to U.S. residents only.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Keeping it Real {Sunday}

A while back I showed you how I was a craft hoarder.  I joined about 5 scrapbook groups where they mail you a box full of cute paper and embellishments.  This doesn't count the stuff I bought during the other days of the month!  I got 5 EVERY month!  Can you believe my addiction?

Here is my craft room about 8 months ago.  Pathetic, huh?  Yes, I was a slob.  Well, let me justify this.  I have ADD and it COMPLETELY overwhelmed me to think about organizing this mess.  I just couldn't get myself to do it.  

So one day I decided (with the coaxing of my husband) to get rid of it ALL.  I wanted my daughter to have the room and it wasn't fair that she had to share a room with her 10 yr. old sister.  

So here is what it looks like now:
Now don't go thinking I got rid of ALL my crafts.  Obviously I didn't.  I mean this is a craft BLOG!  But I did get rid of about 80% of it.  Yay me!  

I feel so much better knowing that she has her own room, if only for a few more months (she is off to college soon).  

Hope your having a fabulous Sunday!  Be sure to come back tomorrow.  I am going to give away a BOAT LOAD of yummy goodies!

Here is a sneak peek:

Can you guess what it is?  It has a little to do with Valentine's Day!  You will love it:)


Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

XOXO Block {Tutorial}

 I am IN LOVE with this EASY block I made today!  I actually started it last weekend, but didn't get back to it for a few days.  

I almost feel silly giving you a tutorial on how to make it, but I am doing it anyway!


-a 3 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 7 inch piece of Wood

-{XOXO} thin piece of wood that I bought at Michaels.  Cost about $1.  {It already had the XOXO on it}

-Bakers Twine

-Paint {I used MS Habanero Red and Delta Ceramcoat Tropic Bay Blue}

-Little Heart DooDad {i got at Dollar Tree $1 for a pack of 6}

-Palm Sander or Sandpaper

First, I painted the block red.  Let it dry completely.  

I didn't take pictures of this step.  Next, I painted 2 coats of the Tropic Bay Blue.  Let it dry completely.

Next, sand the block around the edges and on what will be the front {I did the back too}.  Sand until the red shows through.  I LOVE this look!

Glue on the XOXO with a glue gun.  I cut the heart stick almost in half, then attached the heart with the bakers twine.  Walaaa!  DONE!  I put a dab of glue behind the heart, so it stays. 

See, Easy-huh?  

Be sure and stop by Friday to link up with Friday Frolic!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friday Frolic Top 5!

Last week's Friday Frolic was the best yet! I had such a blast looking through all your links!  So much talent ladies....

Here is what we have all been waiting for....the top 5 viewed links from last week!

My Heart's Desire:  Burlap Valentine's Wreath

 Queen Bee Creative Me:  Handmade Flower Brooch

Finding My Way in Texas:  Best Bread Ever!

Thrifty Crafty Girl:  Fluffy Felt Wreath

Feel free to grab a featured button on my sidebar!!

Thanks so much ladies!  You all had such wonderful crafts/recipes this week!  Be sure and come back Friday for another Friday Frolic!

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