Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some things to remember

Don't forget to enter the Scrapbook goodies and cards giveaway!!  It ends tonight @ midnight.  Click here to enter.

When I saw this print that you can download from Simple as that, Rebecca Cooper's blog, I immediately loved it!  It sure is a good guide for living, huh?
I love inspiring quotes.  Hope your having a fabulous Sunday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wall decor: Be Strong and of Good Courage

Don't forget to enter the Scrapbook goodies and cards giveaway!!  It ends Sunday July 31st @ midnight.  Click here to enter.

I had a 12x12 size vinyl lettering left over from a project I did for the Young Women at my church and I wasn't sure what to do with it.  I have tons of 12 x 12 tiles around my house with vinyl on them, and I wanted to do something different with this one.

I also had a glass frame that was a totally different size than 12 x 12 so what I did for this project was cut up the vinyl lettering to fit my frame!  I love the way it turned out!  I also think I found a fabulous place for it on my living room wall.  What do you think?
Sorry about all the glares.  But you get the idea.  I like the way it looks above our family pictures.  

I would love to know what you think.  
Here is the sepia version:)  

I would appreciate your comments!  I read every one of them!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cards and Scrapbook goodies Giveaway

It's time for another giveaway!  Today I am giving away a huge bundle of goodies.  Here are the deets:
4 handmade (by me) Chandelier cards with envelopes
5 Summer Watermelon cards with envelopes hand made by me.
2 foam stamps- zig zag and polka dots (brand new)
Over 130 gift tags several different sizes!

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That's it!  So easy, huh?

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Monday, July 25, 2011

I have an addiction to Aprons

I love them....especially ones that look like you can just wear them all alone with nothing else.  Not that I would, I'm just sayin'.  Here are some of my all time favorites:
I Love, love the fabrics used for this apron!  They are so bright and cheerful.  The only problem is I wouldn't want to get anything on it....There is a fabulous tutorial here.

Aren't these absolutely to die for?  They are called cupcake aprons.  I saw them here.

I am soooo in love with this one!  The ruffles just kill me:) Find it here.  Wouldn't this be cute as a dress??

Lovin' those bright colors!  Saw these here.

Oh, so dang cute!!

These are pretty enough to wear out on the town....Here they are.

I want....I want.....Party aprons here.

There ya go.  My obsession with aprons.  The possibilities are endless....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Favorite Sunday Quotes

Just keep moving....
Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eco-Chic Shopping Tote

Yesterday I got the bug to sew something.  My 17 yr. old wanted to sew (yay!) and we decided to make these cute Shopping totes:
Ooooh, don't you just adore that fabric?  It is my favorite!  

I made this one and I can't wait to use it!  I think I just decided what I am making for Christmas gifts this year!

They are even reversible!  Look at that cuteness:)  My DD whipped out 3 yesterday.  I made 2.  She didn't want to stop!!

I am working on a tutorial for this bag.  I will post it soon.  It seriously took me 30-45 minutes to make.  I love a quick, easy project!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The perfect DAY{ with not much SUN}

I need to tell you here in Oregon we have not had much of a Summer lately.  I mean rain, cloudy, cool and sometimes down right cold!  

I'm not complaining actually.  I like the cool weather.  I don't like heat and when it gets in the 90's, I start to melt and become a lazy blob!  

Today we were planning on going to one of those dollar movies at the nearby theater.  When we woke up, the sun was out.  I thought to myself, we can't go sit inside for 2 hours when that big ball of orange is out.  So we decided to go to the park instead.  Of course the sun then proceeded to go behind the clouds most of the time, but it was still nice outside.  We took a long walk and the kids played on the playground for a while.  
This kid is such a monkey!  She loves to climb trees and play on the monkey bars....

Nice dorky pic of me with my girls.  I should have taken my sunglasses off.  I should have lost about 20 lbs before my SIL took this picture!  Oh well, this is the real me:)
Cousins picture minus my 14 yr old son who is working at a scout camp this summer.

I love this picture of my 17 yr old's face!  She would kill me if she knew I posted this.....he he.

It turned out to be a beautiful day.  No 80 degree weather here, but I am so OK with that!  Just perfect!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Monday Favorites

Boy am I feeling lazy since I have been home from vacation!  I have not had the motivation to craft.  It's really bugging me.  I don't know what my problem is.  Do you ever get this way?  I have so many projects I want to work on, but I can't get the motivation to do it!

So instead of crafting I am looking at what everyone else has been doing.  Here are some of my favorites:
Janet from Today's Fabulous Finds refinished this decorative door.  You have got to go see the Before and After!  Janet is also the sweetest person:)

I am lovin' the maxi dress craze!  This one is so pretty!  Check it out on Made it on Monday.  I want to make me one!!

Isn't this fabric memo board fabulous!  I love the red and white damask with the grey ribbon!  See the tutorial on J and J Home.

Don't ya just love this Wedding Bouquet Pillow?  I love the colors and the pretty pearls in between the flowers!  Check it out on Happy Hour Projects!  Her blog is is brand new.  Give her some LOVE! 

Hope you all are having a Happy Summer!  Summer hasn't actually come yet here, but we are still hoping.....   

Friday, July 15, 2011

Back from Vacation!

What a week!  We had so much fun on our vacation in Heber City, Utah.  It was different than I expected, but it was a really nice week!

I want to thank all those who held down the fort for me while I was gone.  I hope you were able to visit some new blogs and meet some new people!  

Here is a picture of where we stayed.  It was waaaaaay up in the mountains.  I mean like dirt, washboard roads with huge trenches in them.  Let's just say I shouldn't have had my kids do a heavy duty washing of my van before we left!
Isn't it gorgeous?  The view was spectacular!  The mountains there are so pretty!

Can you see the moose?  We saw some very cool wildlife!

This is one of my favorite places to visit!  Love this picture....

Gorgeous sunset at the cabin.  We had such a great time being together with our family!

Hope your having a fabulous summer.  I am glad to be back and I am planning some fun crafts and a giveaway coming soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Blogger: Sugar Bee Crafts

Hi everyone!! So excited to be here - thanks Karen!! I'm Mandy, from over at Sugar Bee Crafts:

Here's the whole gang on our recent impromtu smores night:

I enjoy all things crafty and have lots of DIY and tutorials on my blog.  I even have a link party on Tuesdays so I can see your craftiness - then I show off a bunch of you on Wednesdays.  You might know me from a few of my fabulously popular posts (click picture to check them out!):

You can see more projects in my new Tutorials Page, so check that out as well.

Today I want to show you how to make a quick and easy Felt Flower Hairclip - -
Grab some scraps of felt and cut ovalish shapes - this doesn't have to be precise.  If you want rounded petals, make them rounded - if you want pointed, make them more pointy.  Cut a few more than you think you'll need - just in case.
Fold the petal in half and sew from the middle to the edge along the fold line - see picture:
Then flip it over and you can see how it made the petal have a little dimension:
Repeat the sewing for all of the petals.  Then get out your hot glue gun and hot glue them to each other however you would like them arranged.
After it's looking how you want it, cut a circle of felt.  Then on the back of your flower, put a puddle of hot glue and press the circle onto it - this will cover the back.  On the front to cover the middle, you can glue jewels, etc.  On one I rolled up a strip of felt and glued that on - on another I wadded up a hunk of felt and glued it in to look like a knot.
To add the clip, cut a square of felt and cover it in hot glue:
Then open your clip and shut the square inside:
Then press it on to the back of the flower and hold until it's stuck down:
Then you can see when you open it the square of felt is holding the clip onto the flower - voila!

You can make these in all sizes - the big ones are great for jazzing up ponytails - here I am modeling it, photo courtesy of my kindergartener:
And my girls modeling theirs:
These are really so quick and easy to make.  Go try it!!

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