Friday, December 11, 2015

"I Always Want to Be With My Own Family"

I am so amazed at how wonderful God's plan is for us.  He organized us into families and revealed that marriage and family relationships are intended to be eternal.  During the Dark Ages, or the Apostasy, there was a loss of doctrine and the covenant of eternal marriage.  This led to confusion in the  majority of the inhabitants of the world, concerning the eternal nature of the family and has led many to believe that such a relationship is not part of God's plan for the salvation and eternal destiny of his children.

Beginning with the teachings of Joseph Smith, latter-day prophets have proclaimed to the world that God's holy priesthood has been restored once again upon the earth and also the sacred keys that allow marriages and families to be sealed together for time and all eternity have been restored to the earth.  
Because of this, the doctrine of the premortal existence was restored again to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  We also know that we each lived before we came to this earth as a spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents.  We are here on this earth, because we supported God's plan and chose to come to this earth and have the opportunity to live in and perpetuate family relationships.  

God and his plan are eternal.  He created the earth, and we are his children and are here to experience mortal family life.  The eternal nature of the marriage covenant and the promise of everlasting family association are wonderful and amazing doctrines of the restored gospel.  I am so thankful for my family.  We are not perfect and we make mistakes, but we are trying to become like our Heavenly Father and we do that by showing love, patience, and kindness.  

Writing these posts about marriage and families has been a wonderful experience for me.  I have learned a lot about myself, my marriage and my family through studying about these principles. I am trying to make the changes I need to become a better wife, mother and daughter of God.  I am a work in progress and some days I get discouraged, but I know that with faith, prayer, and diligence, Heavenly Father will give me the strength to be the best that I can be.   

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