Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some of my Fall Favorites....

I think this pillow cover is UBER cute! Check out Vintage Green Limited on Etsy.

Isn't this sign super cute? I love Blu eyed Girls Boutique shop on Etsy.

This decor was found on Frenchy's Blog

Found this cute decor on Larsen Loves
She has an adorable blog. I just stumbled across it today.

I am soooo tired 2-night. The 2 teen kids and I canned 29 Quarts of Peaches today. It took about 3 1/2 hours, but it kicked my BUTT! I am exhausted....

Not too exhausted to post though! I am getting so excited for FALL lately and have found some super cute home decor on the internet to show you!!

That is all I have to say 2-night. My head feels like it's about to explode (still have that nasty cold).....see you soon!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dinner at Outback and Commonwealth Park

Commonwealth Park
Beaverton, OR

Alice Springs Chicken!

Last night the hubby and I went to this restaurant. It is one of my favorites! We don't go very often, but last night we were craving it, so we splurged. I ordered the Alice Springs Chicken with a baked potato. Have you ever tried that? It is sooooo yummy! I highly recommend it! The honey mustard is to die for!

After our delicious dinner, we went to a park that we used to go to when we were dating. It is a beautiful park with a huge lake in the middle. The path around the lake is about a mile. We haven't been there for about 17 years! I can't believe how much it has changed. It was nice to walk around it and talk and not have to be somewhere! It was a nice date with my hubby:)

Today I am feeling like crap and my nose is stuffed up, my body aches, etc.....I think I will lay around and rest. I hate being sick!! See you next week!

Have a great weekend....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our last adventure at Seaside before School Starts!

I can't believe school starts for my kids in about 2 1/2 weeks! This Summer has gone by so quickly. We had a great time on our 2 week vacation to California, and now we are heading to Seaside on the Oregon Coast for 3 days with my parents. The hubs can't go, because he used up his vacation time on our CA vacation..... Bummer:)

We are staying in a Hotel right on the beach and hopefully the weather will be nice and Sunny with NO wind (fingers crossed!). Here is a few things I am planning on doing while I am at the Beach:

1. Of course my mom and I will go shopping at the outlets. Yeehaw!!

2. Playing in the motel pool with my kids! Actually I will probably be exercising in the tiny workout room connected to the pool!

2. Oh yea, this is SO me....sitting on the beach, relaxing, reading a book in a bikini.

See you on Friday!!!! Have a great week....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Watching Footloose with my 16yr. old DD

Isn't Kevin Bacon a hottie?

I had to fit this post in before I start blogging about Fall. It seems too early to start blogging about browns, oranges, and greens. I am still enjoying our Summer too much! After all our Summer here in Oregon didn't begin until July!!
I am hoping for an Indian Summer.

The other day I checked out the movie "Footloose" from the library. I looove this movie! The dancing is so cool and I LOVE Kevin Bacon! He is strangely hot:)
I had to preface the movie for my daughter by telling her their were a few cuss words (um...a lot of cuss words). I also forgot about some pot smoking, a few sexual innuendos (boy Ariel was a hoe) etc....Ok, maybe I shouldn't have let her watch it, but I really wanted to and I got her excited about it.

Now, we have taught our kids about what's right and wrong. Our DD knows that swearing is wrong, along with pre-marital sex and smoking pot (smoking anything for that matter!). That doesn't mean I should have let her watch it, but I don't think she was scarred for life because she saw it. I am hoping she learned some important lessons.

We had a nice talk about it afterwards and she was a little appalled how loose the girl was in the movie and a few other things, but I think it was a good thing to watch it together. She learned that just because you are a preachers daughter and he is really strict, doesn't mean you should go around doing the wild thing with boys and playing chicken with cars on the highway!

Did you like the movie "Footloose?" Does it bring back fond memories of when you were in high school?

I would love to hear your comments! I read each and every one.

Oh, and by the way, I found this video on U-Tube about a Footloose reunion a few years ago on the Today show. I thought you might like to see it! Go check it out:


Friday, August 13, 2010

Fabulous Anthropologie Necklaces

Pretty- in-Pinking Necklace (my fav!)

"Akela" Necklace

I love this one "Pretty Pouf" necklace. Super Cute!

I love looking at blogs, websites, etc.... I probably waste far too much time, but I find so many cool ideas and lovely clothing, jewelry ideas!
I had never been on the Anthropologie web site and they have the cutest jewelry! Most of it looks like you could make it yourself. Sometime I would like to try making some of these.

My next post will be about Autumn and some of my favorite Autumn finds! I can't wait for Fall. It is my favorite time of year!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last day for Giveaway and Italian Chicken Dinner

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY on My Giveaway Today! The giveaway ends at 10pm EST. See the previous post to see what you can win!

Now on to the delicious dinner I made tonight! I got this recipe from my friend Sharelle and my family LOVES it! I especially love this recipe because I can cook it in the crock pot and I hardly have to do anything! It always turns out perfect.

Italian Chicken
1/4 c. butter or margerine
3-5 Chicken breasts
1pkg. Italian dressing mix
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
1-8oz. Cream Cheese

Put the first 3 ingredients in a crock pot for 3-5 hrs on high. After cooked, cut chicken into pieces.
Add: Soup and Cream Cheese- re-warm through. Serve over rice or pasta. YUM!

This turns out great and your family will think your an awesome cook:)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am doing a Giveaway on My Giveaway Today!!

8 Super cute cards with matching envelopes, 8 matchbook paper pads, and over 8 hang tags....all coordinating!! A $25 value.

Beginning on Friday, August 6th (tomorrow!) I will be doing a giveaway. Tiffany at Giveaway Today will be hosting it.

Your gonna LOVE it.....I am giving away a beautiful set of 8 Cards, 8 Tags and 8 Matchbook paper pads!! The paper is sooooo adorable.

Go to My Giveaway Today to enter! I am also giving a discount to My Giveaway Today readers, so be sure and visit my shop and you will get a 10% discount tomorrow August 6.

The Giveaway ends August 8 @ 10pm EST

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you going to San Francisco.....

{Cute 8 yr. old's hand being eaten by a China monster thingy}

{Funny Scary Skeleton man on Fisherman's Wharf}

{Downtown SF}

{Trolley Car in SF}

Yes, we spent a day there with Grandpa. It is such a fun town!!! LOVE it. It's stinkin' crowded and overcast most of the time, but I still love it!

We visited Grandpa and went to China Town. LOVED it! Found lot's of good deals there. My kids got t-shirts for $1.88. I wish I would have bought one for me:(

We rode a trolley car, went to Ghiradelli's to get some ice cream, walked what seemed like a jillion miles but had a blast.

My favorite thing was this guy dressed like a skeleton with a HUGE head. He was hilarious!! He would pose with people and you could take your picture with him. Of course he wanted a donation.....

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was too foggy. It is such a beautiful place!!
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