Friday, April 29, 2011

Taggie Crinkle Toy from Sisters Stuff

I saw this cute toy on Sisters Stuff (one of my favorite blogs!) the other day and I had to try it!  I did mine a little different than she did, but basically used her tutorial. 

I have told you before I don't do a lot of sewing, but this is just straight lines people!  You can do hard things, remember???  Here's how mine turned out:
Don't ya have some ribbon scraps laying around?  You don't need much fabric either!  Sooooo EASY!  What a great gift. I am invited to 2 baby showers soon and guess what I am giving?  These are PERFECT!
Have a SUNNY weekend:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Try this Bustle Backpack

I am not a huge fan of sewing, but I may just have to try this ADORABLE Bustle Backpack from Me Sew Crazy.  My daughter would love it and so would all her 9 year old friends! 
I could get really carried away with this and want to make every color:)  
Jessica is so sweet to share the tutorial!  Check it out!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Polka Dot Canvas

I am REALLY ready for Summer here in RAINY Oregon!  Today it seems like the rain will never stop.  At least it makes everything Green, right?

Remember this canvas I won from Blooming Words?
I love it, but it took me forever to figure out what to do with it!  Well, here is what I did:
First, I found all these cute little chipboard letters, flowers, hearts, mushrooms, etc. hidden in a drawer down in my craft room cave (the room that is supposed to be my 17 yr old daughter's!).  I laid them out on the canvas to see what they would look like.
Then, I found some adorable huge apple green ric rack in my ribbon stash.  I made a sweet little flower with it.  
Next, I glued on the chipboard letters, and ric rack flower.
I decided to add some of the green ric rack to the bottom.  I glued the edges and in the center.  I have some pictures I want to stick in there!
I just slipped the pictures under the ric rack.  Now I can switch out the pictures throughout the Summer!  Yay:)
Here's a close up. I also added a chipboard strawberry, flower and mushroom on the ric rack. 
Cute, huh?  I think it's a tad bit busy, but oh well, I'm a BUSY person:)

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Scrapbook Eye Candy Giveaway Winner!!

 Congratulations to Lauren Young Nester!!  You won the Scrapbook Eye Candy Giveaway!!  I will e-mail you Lauren.   Lauren said:

"I am already a follower! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!"

Thanks to all who entered!  I will be hosting more giveaways soon, so check back:)

Have a great week!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Eye Candy Giveaway

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter with your families and friends!!  I am the only one up this morning, waiting for the kids to wake so they can find their Easter baskets.  I hide them in the living room along with the Easter Eggs we colored!  Fun times.  I love Easter!

This is what is REALLY important to me on Easter:
I love him and know he LIVES!  
I hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter.

Don't forget this is the last day of the Scrapbook Eye Candy giveaway!!  You can enter til Midnight tonight.  Hurry!!
Here's what you could win:
Awesome stash huh? Come and enter here.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Repurposed Paper covered Eggs

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 Wow!  Only 3 more days until Easter.  I never thought it would come and now here it is!  I have 1 more Easter craft for you.  I was looking at some of my past Easter decorations and came across these:
I probably painted these about 15 years ago.  They had cute little canvas ears.  Well, I got tired of them and ripped off the canvas ears, because I knew I could do something with them!

How about some paper covered eggs??  So easy and very inexpensive!  You could even do this to plastic eggs.
Here is what you need:

-A few pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper.
-Mod Podge
-ric rack (I used yellow, green and white to go with the paper I was using)
-Wood or plastic eggs
-glue gun

First I sanded the eggs a little to get some of the paint off.  I didn't really need too though.  The paper is just going to cover them anyway!
Next, I cut the paper into leaf shapes.  I made them tall enough to cover the whole egg.  I used about 6 per egg.  Then I crumpled up the paper.  Just put it in your hand and smoosh it!  It's fun:)

Here you can get a good idea of what shape I cut the paper into.  Then, I coated the whole paper piece with Mod Podge....I mean the back and front of the paper.  Then I smoothed it onto the egg, making sure to not leave any of the wood exposed.  Then I put an extra coat of Mod Podge on the top of the paper.

I let the eggs dry for about 1 hour.  I just set them on some wax paper to dry.
Here is where I put the ric rack on.  I just glued the ric rack on in random places, winding it around the egg.  
This egg I glued the ric rack on length wise.  I just glued the strips on the top, then put a strip of glue down the egg and attached the ric rack.  Super easy!!
I forgot to take pictures of the 3rd egg....Sorry:)  I think I like the 3rd one the best.  I too the mini white ric rack and rolled it into a flower, then glued them to the egg in random places.  Super cute!!
Here they are all done!  Don't you love the one with the little white flowers??  The egg holder thingy I have also had for years.  It was a mauve color with dark green leaves.  I had to spray it!  I like it much better's amazing what  little spray paint can do!
I love re-purposing things!  So much fun:)  

I will be away for a few days.  I am going on a little getaway with the hubs!  Can't wait for long walks on the beach and a wonderful breakfast:)  

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Girls Mini Monogrammed Clipboard

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I made this the other day for my 9 year old daughter and she loved it!  It was very inexpensive and very easy.  Here are the supplies you will need:

-1 mini clipboard (got mine at Dollar Tree)
-Monogrammed packing tape (dollar bins at Michaels, or duck tape would work too!)
-Ribbon (I got the houndstooth at Michael's, because I am addicted:)

That's all you need!  It cost about 3 dollars to make and you will have a ton of tape and ribbon leftover to do at least 2 more!

Here is what the clipboard and tape looks like.  The tape is kinda like packing tape, but a little thinner.  I just measured the width of the clipboard and put it on, smoothing it down as I went.  I did that all the way up the clipboard.

Here's a close up of what the tape looks like.  
I didn't paint my clipboard first, because I wanted to make sure the black letters were really noticeable.
When you get towards the top of the clipboard you have to cut smaller pieces of the tape to fit around the clip.  I had a little gap on the bottom, so I just glued a piece of ribbon there.  Once you tie all the ribbons on the clip, you don't eve notice the gap!  Fill up the whole clip with ribbon.  I just tied them in square knots. 
Note:  I cut the ribbons in half length wise, so they would be easier to tie around the clip.  You can use your extra ribbon strips for the flower petals!

I used some of my extra ribbon strips to make a cute little flower!  Just fold each strip, glue the ends together, then glue it down on the bottom corner of the clipboard.  

Please ignore my ugly well used glue gun!  I use it A LOT.
Add a button to the center of the flower.  Done!
So fun!  My daughter was soooo excited to have this.  She even took it to school today:)  That makes me happy....
I had her sit at the counter and write something on the clipboard.  She wrote the sweetest letter to one of her friends!
  Doesn't she have fabulous cursive writing???  

Have a crafty week:)
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 Blue Birdie's kissing Wood project!

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  Remember a while back when I told you about this fabulous vinyl I won from Blooming Words?  Well, I was a little befuddled (I love that word!) about what to do with it.  Here is how cute it is:

 Aren't the birdies cute?  I love the red and white polka dot canvas too!  Haven't figured out what to do with that still.  Any ideas????

Here is what I did with the birdies:
I'm not sure I love the yellow, but I am pretty happy with it!

Of course I had to add one of those pretty little fabric flowers!
Oooh, I like the lighting better in this picture.
Hope your having a happy day!
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