Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why should I forgive my family members?

As a family, we are committed to each other, and because of this, repentance and forgiveness blend into an interactive process that is strengthened by that commitment.  The interesting thing about Forgiveness is that there is always a victim and an offender.  They are connected.  In marriage, it is usually between a husband and wife.  In our families, it can be between siblings, the mom and child, or dad and child.

I am posting this video from James E. Faust called "The Healing Power of Forgiveness."  It does not discuss forgiveness in marriage, but I think it is such a wonderful example of how forgiveness can change our lives and the lives of others.

Why do we need to repent and forgive?  Because, as mental health experts acknowledge, it is impossible to address emotional and physical well-being without considering the relevance of repentance and forgiveness.  The words of the ancient and modern prophets affirm that repentance and forgiveness are central to the gospel plan.

How do we forgive?  Here is Worthington's (2001) cognitive-behavioral, five step process:
1.  Recall the hurt
2.  Empathize
3.  Offer the altruistic gift of forgiveness
4.  Commit publicly to forgive
5.  Hold on to forgiveness

How do we repent?  Here is the five-step process:
1.  Recognize the offense
2.  Sorrow for the offense
3.  Disclose
4.  Avoid the offending behavior
5.  Make restitution

In my life, I have felt the power of sincere repentance and genuine forgiveness.  They are gifts from God and they are only made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

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