Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Recipe: Cheesy Tomato-Vegetable Soup

I have been trying out lots of new recipes lately and this one was sooooo yummy! It is from Perry's Plate. My family loved this Cheesy Vegetable Tomato Soup. You need to go to this site and try some of her recipes!

I also tried the Brethren Cheese Bread. It is yummy! I have to admit, I didn't really like the bread with the Tomato Vegetable soup, but I made Potato cheese soup last night with a recipe from and it was delicious with it! I know there are no pictures of the Potato Cheese Soup, because I totally spaced it and forgot to take pictures...but trust me, it is delicious!

I am including some pictures of the Tomato Soup and Brethren Bread. Here is the recipe for the Yummy Potato Cheese Soup:

Potato Cheese Soup
6-8 large baking potatoes
2 cups milk (I use Evaporated milk)
4 cups Chicken Broth
2/3 cup flour
2/3 cup butter
8-12 stripes bacon, cooked
1 cup sour cream
8 oz. Cheddar cheese, shredded
salt and pepper to taste

Bake potatoes until soft, then peel. Mash or cube the potatoes depending on the desired consistency for the soup. (I just peel my potatoes, then chop them in half and boil them until done).

In a large soup pot, combine butter and flour to make a roux. Cook for 1 minute, then slowly whisk the liquids.

Add salt and pepper, potatoes, cooked bacon, and cheese. At the last minute, stir in the sour cream. Season to taste with salt and pepper before serving.
Soup will be thick. Add milk to reheat.

Each time the soup is reheated, it gets better!

This soup is WONDERFUL! Enjoy!


  1. I am now STARVING!! That soup looks YUMMY, and with the weather we've been having, I bet it warmed you all up!!
    By Your Side

    PS Grabbed your shop button, why didn't I have it?? I confuse myself!! I have a shop button too now on my blog if you'd like to come grab it!!

  2. Sure! I'll get right on it!! Thanks Michele...

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! The soup sounds fantastic! I might treat myself to making it later in the week!

  4. Thanks for visiting! I love comments!

  5. Ahhh that bread looks wonderful! I've been seeing so many great recipes for homemade bread recently - I'm trying to save up for a bread machine and I'll probably go crazy with that for a while lol.


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