Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scary Halloween Recycled Juice Can Tutorial

I love to drink Wyler's Light (generic for Crystal light, but just as good!).  I especially love the Raspberry Ice flavor:)  But that is not what this tutorial is about.
I have had this empty can sitting around and I just knew there was something I could make with it.  It sat on my kitchen counter for about 2 weeks, then yesterday, I finally figured out what to do!

Here is the lovely Tutorial.  I hope you like it!  I think I might make these for my child's class at school to put Halloween treats in:

You will need:

an empty Wyler's or Crystal light container.
1 can of black (or whatever color you prefer)of spray paint.  I highly recommend buying your spray paint at Home Depot.  They have the best price.
1- 8 1/2x11 or 12x12 piece of cute Halloween Scrapbook paper
2 different colors cardstock
Modge podge
glue gun

Spray the container with paint.  Don't get too close or it will run.  I learned this by experience.  Also, don't spray on a windy day (also from experience).
Let paint dry.  Mine dried in about 15-20 minutes.

 This step is probably the hardest, but if I can do it, you can!  Cut the scrapbook paper the size of your can.  Brush a generous amount of Modge Podge around the can, then take the paper and carefully wrap it around the can, pressing the paper down as much as you possible.  Your paper is going to bubble and wrinkle a little, but I think it adds to the cuteness of it, so no worries! (can you tell I'm not a perfectionist?)  When you get the paper on, spread a thin layer of Modge Podge over the top of the paper.  Let dry completely (1-2 hrs). 

Now you may have lots of cute little do dads laying around you could glue on your can, and I had some of this cute pom pom ribbon, so I glued it along the top lip of my can.  I love those little pom poms!

I also wanted to make a torn flower, so I chose 2 different colors of cardstock, ripped them in the sizes I liked, then I crinkled the paper in my hand.  Next I flattened out the paper, then inked the edges with black chalk ink.  Glue the button on the top of the flower.  

Glue the flower where desired on can. Next I punched a hole on each side of the can (I used a crop-a-dile, but you can just use a reg. hole punch) and tied some cute Halloween ribbon on each side.  I also think some ribbon wrapped wire would be cute too.  I decided not to use my lid for this project.

I like the ribbon I used, but it wouldn't stand up.  I'm ok with that....
Love the sweet little pom poms!

Don't you love my cute little BOO blocks?  My 8 yr. old insisted on putting the spiders on top.  I think it adds to the scariness of it!
Lastly, put some really yummy chocolate in side the can.  I bought some of those new pumpkin flavored kisses.  My 8 year old loved them, but I thought they were kinda icky....I will put some different candy in my next can. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  I enjoyed doing it.  I can't wait to come up with some lovely crafts for it that time already?

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  1. I love it when people come up with great crafts using recycled items! That's real creativity!
    Stopped by from blog hopping today.

  2. Very clever!! I too like the idea of using items you have on hand.

  3. Hi,

    Just stopping by from the Wednesday Blog Hop and following your blog.

  4. So Cute, love the pom poms and the scary spiders on the BOO sign :)

  5. Saw you on {Dot}{Dot}{Dot} and thought I'd pop on over. I am loving your blog! I love that you will allow a can to sit on your counter for weeks on end! I always find myself doing that when the contents of the condiment jars expire. Wast not want not!
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  6. Great tutorial & a great way to upcycle! Your 8 yr. old was right about those spiders!

  7. Wow! That is so cute and creative!

    I just found your blog through one of the Wednesday blog hops! Have a great night.

    Amanda @

  8. Hopping over from Welcome Wed. I have the same I Believe on my side bar. Nice to meet another LDS blogger.

    Super cute can I loved it and sooo easy. I should do that for YW.

    Come follow me back. I couldn't click on yours so must be a follower already.

  9. Hi! I'm a follower from a previous blog hop! If you haven't already, I'd love it if you would follow back at one or all three of my blogs :)


  10. Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday. I'm your newest follower!

  11. Love how it turned out! I love a good upcycled project. Way to recycle!

  12. Very cute! I love "green" crafts!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Have a great day :)

  13. OMG! THat is too cute! Thank s so much for stopping by! :) I'm following you back!


  14. Really cute! Thanks for the blog visit and follow. Returning the favor! Have a happy day

    Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

  15. cute stuff. love yourblog. new follower.
    we have a friday follow love to have you join ;)

  16. So cute!!! What a great idea, thanks for sharing! Following you from Hop Along Friday. Love your blog! :-)


  17. aw that is such a cute idea!! Come link up sometime to Handmade Tuesdays! It is a new linky I started with a tutorial :)

  18. That would make a great teacher gift, too! I like the paper you chose. Those boo blocks are VERY cute too!
    Thanks for linking up to Craft Catwalk! Hope to see you next week :)

  19. Love the boo blocks..very cute..Would love for you to share at my "Creative Halloween Party"


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