Thursday, December 29, 2011

Framed Burlap Earring Holder {DIY}

My 17 year old daughter wanted something to hang all her earrings on.  I told myself I would make this for her for Christmas....but it didn't happen.
I felt really bad about it.  The other day she was bored, so I got out all the supplies and SHE (with my help) made this!  I think she did such a fantastic job!  We got the idea from here.  She posts a nice tutorial.

We made a few mistakes I have to tell you about.  First, my daughter painted the frame.  I told her she should do 2-3 coats.  Then I offered to sand it for her, giving it the distressed look.  The paint just peeled off!  I should have sanded the frame before she painted it.  DUH!  

I offered to paint it for her (the second time).  I sanded it, then painted it with 2 coats.  Perfect!  Then, I put the glued the burlap on the frame backing with spray adhesive.  That was a sticky mess!  It wasn't anything I couldn't handle:)  

She did the rest.  I am impressed how well she stenciled the "N" and the flowers.  For the "N," I cut it out with my Cricut using cardstock.  We taped the letter onto the burlap.  It worked great!

The flower stencils were Martha Stewart and she picked out exactly what she wanted and it turned out fabulous!  

She was so excited about this!  Now she can take it with her off to college.  She loves having her earrings right there where she can see each of them and not have to dig deep in a jewelry box to find the pair she needs!


  1. The earring holder looks terrific. I bet your daughters friends are going to want to make one too.


  2. You're daughter did a great job! I'm sure she'll love having this at college, it's fun that you could make it together. :)

  3. Love this craft!!!
    I just started to follow, can't wait to see future posts! Can't wait to see your previous posts!

    Cheers to 2012! Best wishes~

    Mary from

  4. Super cute Karen!

    Thanks so much for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party! I will be featuring this tomorrow!

  5. This is so darling! The monogram, the burlap, the turquoise frame, and the functionality are all great! Would love love love for you to share this at my Best of 2011 party going on now Happy new year! My

  6. Cute post! I'm having a Linky party too! I would love it if you would link up your favorite posts. Here is the link

  7. LOVE this!! And hoping you can link it up at my turquoise lovin' party!

  8. This turned out fabulous! SO glad you enjoyed this tutorial!


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