Monday, November 5, 2012

Infinity Scarf

Hi Pocket Full of Pink readers! I'm Priscilla and I blog over at Thrifty Crafty Girl.  Karen was nice enough to let me guest post at her place today, so I'm showing you a fun little fall project I made... I hope you like it!

I love this thing.

So, I saw all these people wearing these 'infinity scarves' and I just loved them.  And I thought it would be the perfect project for November, since it's getting frosty outside.  So I went to the fabric store and found some fun flannel.  Yes, flannel can be fun, if you have no other excitement in your life that is.

See? Fun!

I got two yards for this scarf, which is plenty.  I cut the flannel into a strip 18" wide by two yards long.  Once that was done, I pinned up the long end, right sides together.

Next, I sewed up the long end.  I love sewing straight lines. Use whatever seam allowance you like because you're awesome and know what you're doing.

Once that was done, I turned it right side out.  Now most people would stitch up part of the ends before flipping but I hate having to pull fabric through tiny holes.  Since this is an infinity scarf, having a seam would not be such a big deal.  I pulled it right-side-out and sewed the ends together.  This whole thing took about 30 minutes.

I made a scarf! And it's infinity! Infinity times infinity, even!  Oh, that fall were all year round so I could make a hundred of these. :)
Thrifty Crafty Girl

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  1. So darling! Love the fabric:) Thanks for being here Priscilla!


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