Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest Post- Erin from Crafts and Sutch!!

Hello Pocket Full of Pink Readers!  I'm Erin from Crafts & Sutch and I'm so very happy to spend some time with you today!

I love all things crafty and have been diagnosed with "I can make that"  syndrome. I am constantly inspired by the things I see, so I like to  create a little bit of everything. :) Today we are getting into the holiday spirit and making some sweater trees!

To get started, you will need a paper mache or Styrofoam tree form, an old sweater, scissors, a glue gun and glue, straight pins, and a pencil or pen.

Lay the tree form down on the sleeve of the sweater with the top of the tree at the wrist end of the sweater.  Cut across the sleeve approximately 1" below the end of the tree.

Put the tree into the sleeve and create a slip cover for it by pinning down the length of the tree.  The sweater should be snug, but not tight.

Now fold the end of the sweater under the form and glue with the glue gun.

Remove the excess sweater by cutting along the inside of your pins.

It will look like this.  Take the pencil or pen and draw a straight guideline for yourself down the length of the tree.  This is where you will glue the sweater together.

Glue the sweater along the guideline.  Create a neat seam by pushing each side together.

This is what the back of the tree will look like after you have glued the sweater in place.

And here is the finished product...along with a friend!  I am loving how these turned out.  They were super easy to make, quick, and affordable! 

Thank you so much for letting me hang out with you today and thank you to Karen for having me!  I hope you all will stop by Crafts & Sutch sometime and say hi! :)



  1. Karen, thank you so much for having me today! :) I had a ton of fun!

  2. Very cute, Erin!! And they look simple enough for me. ;) Going to have to head to Goodwill and find some sweaters to destroy!!

  3. Hi, I like your blog, and hope to see you on mine. I'm your newest followers now. :)

  4. Erin these are so cute!! I am off to find sweaters this afternoon!! So stinkin cute!!

  5. This really is beautiful. I have a sweater that would look just right for this!

  6. omg!...i love love love these!...and i have forms and sweaters ready to go!...

  7. such a creative project! I love it!
    I am your newest follower from the blog hop please follow me back at thanks!

  8. What a simple, but elegant looking tree!

  9. Great idea! I love the look. Simple and classy!!!

  10. I love this idea~! I am featuring this at

  11. I just love these. Found you on Pinterest...come checkout my blog if u can follower.


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