Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Snack Mix - Neighbor and Teacher Gifts

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Today it just hit me, I need to start getting my Teacher gifts all wrapped up and figure out what I am going to make for neighbors, friends, etc.

I get kinda tired of making cookies and candies every year.  I don't like cleaning up the mess, and it makes me cranky!  So this year I am making SANTA SNACK MIX for all my friends, neighbors and the teachers too!  

Here is all my ingredients all over the counter!  Doesn't it look yummy??  Luckily I had just eaten (TONS of muddy buddies), so I was not the least bit tempted to eat that bag of peanut M & M's.  Like my Keep Calm and Jingle On printable in the background? 

Here is my first batch.  I think I can honestly say I crave everything in this bowl!

Here is everything all wrapped up nice and cute!  I ran out of some of the ribbon, and I wanted to use what I had, that's why there are a variety of packaging.

I packaged the snack mix in those Rubbermaid Take alongs.  I got them at the Dollar Tree.  You get 2 for a dollar, YAY!  I also bought my rolls of cellophane and the ribbon at the Dollar Tree.

Does this stuff look familiar??  I made these for my kids teachers.  The sticky note holder idea I found HERE.  The cute little paint stick ornament I found HERE I absolutely ADORE both of these blogs!  You have to fully explore them and you will get inspired to CRAFT!

If you would like, here is the yummy recipe for the SANTA SNACK MIX:

1 box of Sugar Pops cereal (I got large ones)

2lbs Peanut M&M's

1lb Salted Nuts (I used lightly salted dry roasted)

2lbs Plain M&M's

1 small pkg of Raisins (I used about 8oz.)

3 small pkgs of Cracker Jacks (the prizes are SO lame)

Mix everything together and eat until you are in a Sugar Induced Coma.
This is soooo yummy!  I can't wait to give it to my friends and neighbors (and get it out of my house!).

Have a great week before Christmas!

I am listening to my Amy Grant Christmas CD right now.  I love it....


  1. That looks really good! Do you ever use Coco Puffs instead of corn pops?

  2. ooooh, that sounds yummy too! I have never tried it:)

  3. I just have to say that I'm so impressed with your gifts! You did such a nice job. I got excited when I saw your ornaments, they turned out great!

  4. Oh my! I have to try that. I enjoy a sugar induced comas! lol I love every single ingredient!

  5. Can you mix any more yummy stuff in there? It looks go good!

  6. I am your newest follower and would love a follow back!

  7. Hello!! Thanks so much for visiting my little blog! Yummmmm Santa mix sounds so yummy!! Love your blog! I'm following!!! have a great weekend!


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