Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest Blogger: The Tremaine Story

My name is Ashley and I am married to a wonderful man {who totally supports my addiction to crafting}. I am mother to 4 children....3 boys and one spoiled but sweet little girl!! I live in Texas...hate the weather, but love the people! I am super blessed to be surrounded by family I love, friends that rock and a God that rules!!

This blog was originally intended to brag on my kiddos and have a digital scrapbook of our every day lives...but it has morphed into a little bit family and a little bit crafty projects!! I have always loved being crafty...scrapbooking, painting, drawing and now special projects to beautify my home.  

Some of my favorite projects:
Paper Wreath

I had noticed SO many of these paper wreaths in BLOGland, but I wanted to make mine slightly different.  I wanted to add more color to the wreath instead of plain white paper with black print...and I LU-HU-HUVE the way this one turned out!!

Bag Holder

 This project was all about function...I was getting overwhelmed by all the "crap" meeting me every time I would open our front door.  I decided we needed some hooks, but not just any hooks would do!!  I am so glad I branched out and used this old piece of was the perfect fit for the space!!

Spring Rag Wreath

 I really enjoyed doing this project...I hadn't ever really worked with material.  I had to pick and choose colors that correlated and it was more difficult than I had anticipated!!  {I stood in JoAnn's for an hour just staring at all the lovely material!!}

I hope you will stick around and have fun reading about my super wonderful family as well as learning how to complete some fun crafty projects!!

Thanks for visiting,

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