Friday, July 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: A Little Tipsy

Hi There! I am so excited to be here on Pocket Full of Pink! I found Karen through my linky party and have loved all her fun ideas!

Michelle, from A Little Tipsy here, taking the wheel for the day!

Nope not drunk (what a relief you will not be taking your tour with a drunk driver), I may or may not be a bit clumsy though.

A little about me, I am a SAHM with one crazy 3 1/2 year old boy, an 8 month old baby boy, and a big geek for a husband. I love keeping busy and sharing all my projects and adventures whether they be home decor, holiday projects, activities for the kiddos, or discovering how to get permanent marker off granite counter tops. Turn to me for projects you can do during nap time for less money than lunch out.
So, enough about me...on to the tutorial.

I love those disposable plastic table cloths for birthday parties and summer BBQs, but they are pretty plain and annoying in the wind. I decided to make some Flower Table Cloth Weights to keep the table cloth in place and also add a bit of flair. They are so easy to make your own and they work really well!

Flower Table Cloth Weights

Supplies needed:
Clips with a hole in the top
Glue Gun
Glue sticks
*all my supplies were purchased at Dollar Tree. I know big surprise. ;)

Since I bought stems of white daisies at the dollar store, they were kinda sparse. I pulled them apart and combined the petals of two flowers to make them look nice and full.

Before putting the green back on again, I added some glue to the stem to make them stay together better.

Then just add glue to the green stem and stick it through the clip hole.

It's as easy as that! Then just scrunch up the bottom of the table cloth and clip the flower on.
To store, place flower down flat in a gallon ziploc bag.

I made 8 flower table cloth weights which used 8 clips and 16 flowers. You could make 10 weights with 2 packs of clips and 3 bunches of flowers ($5).

I started a link up party for projects that cost $5 or less. I would love to have you come link up and share your projects on Wednesdays!

Well, I guess that about wraps things up. Thanks to Karen for swappin' it up and thanks to you for letting me be your tour guide today. Watch your step on the way out and don't forget to come visit soon!

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