Saturday, July 9, 2011

Guest Blogger: The Crafeteria

Hi, I'm Tal from The Crafeteria. During the last decade or so I tried to find myself here, there and everywhere, and finally I decided to actually find myself, and what do you know, apparently out of all the things I could do, I love crafting the most. So I decided to give it a try and do something with this love for crafts. That’s how The Crafeteria was born.
As I can't really concentrate on one thing for too long, I’m constantly trying different kinds of crafts. On my blog, I'm writing about different kinds of crafts that I like – knitting, crochet, sewing, ceramic & pottery, felting, building with cardboard, crafting with kids and more.
It was really difficult for me to choose only 3 projects to show, but finally I managed to do it.
So the first project that I'd like to share with you is the felt picnic basket and food. I made this one for my girl's birthday, and it was an instant hit:
felt picnic basket and food
I worked on it for about a week and finished it right on time. Inside the basket there are carrots, strawberries, banana, orange, cookies, eggs, pasta, sandwich, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pizza and more.
Have you heard about building with cardboard? I got addicted to cardboard when I first found out about it, about a year ago, and ever since I just can't drive my car without checking all around looking for big cardboard boxes. My first cardboard project was this puppet theater. I love it, the kids love it and the environment loves it!
cardboard puppet theatercardboard puppet theater
Wool fairies are my new obsession. They're so soft and pretty, that when I start making one, I end up making 10…
felted wool fairy
That's it, hope you liked it. If you did, I'd love it if you visit me @ The Crafeteria (

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