Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tutorial: Card made with paper scraps

This is a post from back in 2009 when I had like hardly ANY followers!  I thought you might be interested in this tutorial.  It's soooo easy!
I love to make cards and to scrapbook, so I have a LOT of paper scraps laying around. I used to wonder what the heck to do with them, but lately I have been making cards with all my scraps. It's really easy and fun!

1. First, you don't even have to buy pre-made blank scored cards. Just use some white (or any color ) cardstock (you can even use a brown grocery sack!) and cut it down to about 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.

2.Fold it into a card. I like to use a ruler (or bone folder) to make the fold nice and flat.

3. Now find some scraps of patterned or solid color paper, all different colors or patterns. I used about 5 strips of paper around 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches long. Vary the lengths so they are not all the same. They can even be different widths!

4. I inked the edges of each strip with a brown chalk ink. You can even use paint! It gives it a dimensional look.

5. Now, stagger each strip on the front of the card. It looks better if they are not perfectly straight and put them about 1/2 inch or so apart. I like to position each strip first before I glue them down. Start in the middle and work out.

6. If you want a sentiment, go ahead and write, print it out, or stamp one on a punched out shape or just a strip of plain white paper! I used an acrylic stamp for mine, but I have also just written or printed sentiments too. Whatever you are most comfortable with. I also inked the edges of my sentiment.

7. I attached my sentiment with a pop dot. It's basically a piece of foam with adhesive on both sides. It gives your card dimension and looks great!

8. When your done, think of someone you can give your card to and tell them it is handmade! They will be so impressed!

I am on the road in the morning at 5am!  Don't worry though, I have 13 lovely guest bloggers for the next week taking over for me.  Hope you will stop by and visit these talented ladies.  See ya when I return!
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