Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dinner at Outback and Commonwealth Park

Commonwealth Park
Beaverton, OR

Alice Springs Chicken!

Last night the hubby and I went to this restaurant. It is one of my favorites! We don't go very often, but last night we were craving it, so we splurged. I ordered the Alice Springs Chicken with a baked potato. Have you ever tried that? It is sooooo yummy! I highly recommend it! The honey mustard is to die for!

After our delicious dinner, we went to a park that we used to go to when we were dating. It is a beautiful park with a huge lake in the middle. The path around the lake is about a mile. We haven't been there for about 17 years! I can't believe how much it has changed. It was nice to walk around it and talk and not have to be somewhere! It was a nice date with my hubby:)

Today I am feeling like crap and my nose is stuffed up, my body aches, etc.....I think I will lay around and rest. I hate being sick!! See you next week!

Have a great weekend....


  1. Hope you get well really soon!!

    I was not able to follow you back due to big p/c issues!
    Now it's been fixed!! Yeah!
    Proudly I am now following you!

    B xo

  2. And thanks for following CUT AND DRY, nice to meet you and have a good day!


  3. Thanks for checking out my Halloween rag Wreath over at A Little Bit of Everything. I too like the Alice Springs Chicken. I usually either get that or the chicken salad when I go to Outback. Yummy!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Glad you liked the pin the candle on the cupcake. I LOVE bright colors they just scream happy and birthday to me :-) Hope you are feeling better. Summer colds are the worst. I read your post about footloose...cracked me up...awesome movie. Maybe wait until she's 18 to show her Dirty Dancing, all kinds of interesting topics to discuss in that one!

  5. mmm, Outback! Their honey mustard is SO good. Sorry you weren't feeling too hot over the weekend, hope you are feeling better now!

  6. i am now following you back.. thank you so much.. labor was a ton of labor but well worth it .. feel free to pass by my blog anytime


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