Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lamp Shade cover Redo Tutorial

First I have to tell you I am by no means a expert in sewing.  I can do the basic stuff, and I have made costumes for my kids in the past, but usually they don't turn out the way I want them too!  I have very little patience with a pattern.

I have had these lamps for about Mmmmmm 17yrs!  I am really sick of the early 90's look of the fabric.  So the first step was taking the cover off.
See how ugly that fabric is?  I LOVED it when my friend first made them.  They were gorgeous and I was a newlywed who was clueless about stuff like that.  That is my lamp shade next to the fabric.  See all the lovely pleats?  I didn't want them there anymore, so I ripped them off too. 
Here's what it looked liked as I was ripping it off.  I admit I was a little scared that I may be ruining the shade, but I was willing to take the chance.

After the pleated stuff was off, then I picked the fabric.  I chose some Amy Butler fabric. 

Isn't it perdy?  Now, the next step I didn't take any pictures of, but I measured
around the lamp shade and took my fabric and kind of eyed it (like I said, I don't have a lot of patience and I am not a perfectionist). 

I liked the style of the old lamp shade cover, so I just copied it.
I sewed 2 basting stitches (don't backstitch) around the top (where the ruffle will be, about 1/4 inch apart) and on the bottom (about 1/4 inch).
Oooo, not a very clear picture, but I thought I should take one of me on the sewing machine!

This is what the 2 basting stitches look like.  Remember not to back stitch! 

Here is what it looks like after I pulled the gathers on the top.  It takes a while, and I am not a pro at gathers, so it took me like an hour....I didn't want to break my threads and have to start over!
Next, I pulled the cover on top of the shade and hot glued it in random places.

For the Rosettes, I just ripped strips (about 8 or so inches long and 2 inches wide) of a coordinating fabric.  I didn't include how to make a rosette, but there is a great tutorial HERE.
Next, I sewed a little pucker in 3 places around the cover to glue my rosettes too.
Here's what it looks like after you sew the pucker.

There is the finished rosette glued on. Cute, right?  I didn't include how to make a rosette, but there is a fabulous tutorial HERE.

There is my new lovely lamp shade cover!  I have more pictures to show you of my lamps new color!  See the black lamp?  It's not black anymore:)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. adorable cover, fabric and rosettes!!

  2. Great job! Love the colors:) Stoppin in from My Backyard Eden's party:)

  3. My goodness! THat's wonderful! I love the fabric and the rosettes!!!
    Great tutorial~
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. ohmygosh I LOVE the fabric you used! I can't sew to save my life so this is soooo cool to watch someone else create something that I cannot!

    great job! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. ripping off the pleats? Didn't even think to do that! I found you from "googling" in 'how to cover lamp shade'! I'm working on some lamps right now. :) I have a few lamp redos on my blog, but have never attempted recovering a shade. That's about to change!



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