Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lovely Handmade Flower Tutorial plus a handbag!

I started school this week, and WOW it is kinda hard!  I already have lot's of homework, and I am just taking 3 classes!

I have already missed surfing the internet for cool blogs, but today I had to  take a few minutes (more like 1 hr.) to check out some super cool blogs.  Well here are 2 I found, and I LOOOOVE these blogs!  Please go check them out!

This tutorial sounds really easy!  I love the cute little silky flowers she makes.

These aren't the exact flowers she made, but they look just like them!

Here are some ADORABLE chunky Rosette Flowers you can make by following a tutorial at Freckled Laundry.  I love that name Freckled Laundry!  Her tutorial sounds really easy too.  Here is a picture of what Rosette flowers look like:

Super cute huh?  I want some!!
You should go check out these tutorials.  I am going to try and make these sometime soon (can it count as homework?).

Oh, and you have to check out Suzanne's blog Just another Hang up (love it!) and see her adorable bags with lovely Rosette flowers on them.  She even does a tutorial on how to make the bags!  I SO have to try this....

I absolutely fell in LOVE with these cute bags!

So many fun things to make and so many talented people out there, but soooo little time....


  1. Those rosettes are toooo cute!!

    Inviting you to a giveaway!:)Kelli & Kristi

  2. Thanks so much for this nice shout out! Your kind words are appreciated! ;o) - Suzanne

  3. Hi Karen! Thanks for following and entering my giveaway! I LOVE those rosettes... I think I'm gonna go over and check out the tutorial! :)

  4. Cute Cute blog! I'm putting your button on my vinyl blog

  5. Sooo cute!! Love the great ideas:) thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

  6. I visit at hear first time and really enjoyed to see all colourful flower...

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