Sunday, September 19, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Happy Talk like a Pirate day!

Thanks so all of you who entered my giveaway!  I wish I could send a stash of goodies to all of you, but that would cost me a fortune in shipping!

The winner is Angry Jackalope #46!!  Here is what she said:

I'm following you with GFC! Thanks for the great giveaway!
justaduck at 

I have e-mailed to let her know that she is the winner!  Thanks so much you all for entering and check back in another 2 weeks.  I will be having another giveaway.  I will be putting a fabulous Scrapbook kit together for you!!

Did you know it's Talk like a Pirate Day??? I heard that on the radio the other day.  In our family, we looove to talk like Pirates.  Our kids think it's hilarious.  So in honor of Talk like a Pirate day......"Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirates life for me (while holding a beer stein)!!"
That sounded kinda dorky, but oh well.  That was all I could think of.....

Here is one of the cutest Pirates I have seen.  Don't ya think he's kinda cute?

Gotta love those tassles hanging off his chin!

Wish me luck...I start school tomorrow!  I am taking Piano, History, and a Running class.  I want to start off easy, ya know.  It's been 15 yrs!


  1. I'm a new follower! Will you follow me?

  2. Congrats to your winner! Very funny post! New follower from Mingle Mondays!!

  3. Ahoy, Matey!
    I walked the plank from Monday Meet & Greet.
    (how's that for pirate talk?)

  4. gooood luck! its work sometimes but well worth it!! congrats on starting back. im following you. :) hope to hear from you soon!!

  5. I recently recieved The "Versatile Blogger" award, and I want to give one to you on my blog! I linked to your site. To accept, please visit

  6. Good luck with school!! It will definitely be worth it in the end!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your awesome projects!


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