Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Blocks-Tutorial

I admit it, I am a little late getting this done, but I have been wanting to make these for several months now.  I am a procrastinator.  I have been since day one.  At least I still have a month or so to enjoy these, right?

You have probably seen several tutorials on this, but here is my take on it:

First, I cut the blocks to match the size of the vinyl lettering.  I bought the vinyl lettering at that store I have been telling you about that has since gone out of business.  I bought the vinyl for about 3 bucks!  
I cut the wood with my band saw.  That is the best saw to cut straight lines.  I love it.  It is really easy to use too.

Now, I brushed each block with Mod Podge.  I try not to get an over abundance of Mod Podge on the wood, so I don't have to wipe it off later.

I used my daughters little blue book with all her friends phone numbers in it to flatten out the paper, or you will get lots of bubbles under it.  Keep doing this until it looks like it's dry.

{bad picture, sorry!}
Next, I took my block sander and sanded the excess paper off each edge.  Do not do this until the Mod Podge is completely dry, or the paper will slide everywhere and it will look terrible!

This step you have to be careful about.  I stained my blocks after I put the paper and vinyl on.  I tried staining the whole thing, including the paper, but it looked terrible.  I had to start over.  I only stained the sides and back of each block.  The stain I used is called Minwax Early American. It's my fav!

There ya go!  I didn't include how to adhere the vinyl.  Directions are usually included with the packaging.  It's super easy.  

I am happy with the way they turned out and they look great on my mantel.  If only for another 3 or 4 weeks:)

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  1. Fun! I love the papers you chose. :)

  2. Cute look-thanks for the tutorial-you made it nice and simple!

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  4. Love your Summer blocks! The different fonts and papers look great together!

  5. These are adorable and would be super-cute in a nursery with a child's name!

  6. Yours is adorable! I made two sets of autumn/winter on the back for Christmas gifts but still need to make myself a set. I love the papers you used. Thanks for posting. Maybe I will get motivated to make some more!

  7. This is adorable and so easy. I may have to borrow the idea. I just stumbled across your blog form AGI.

  8. Very cute! I love how the different letters are different fonts and backgrounds.

  9. Super cute! I wanted to invite you to my weekly any link goes party at Bacon Time. I am even giving away a cute pair of fork silver earrings to one lucky linker this weekend. Hope you will join us.

  10. I've been wanting to do something to decor with blocks but wasn't sure what paper would go together...i love that this isn't matchy matchy.


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