Thursday, February 16, 2012

7 St. Patrick's Day ideas!

I'm not a big St. Patrick's Day person, but the last few years I have made some decorations for the holiday.  It's amazing what you can up with!  Just get your creative juices flowing!!

 You can't help but get motivated to make something when you see what other people are doing.  It's amazing!! 

 Here are some ideas I fell in LOVE with:

Here's a SUPER cute idea for a treat from It is What it is.
I didn't even know there was such a thing as rainbow licorice!

Subway Art is one of my favorite ways to decorate.  So easy and it looks great!  The girls at Eighteen 25 created a cool Subway Art and are so nice to share!!

Rebecca over at Simple As That made this cute and simple Clover banner.  I love the book pages!  I seriously want to make this!!

Jen from Craftomaniac made this adorable wreath for St. Paddy's Day.  I love the cute little horseshoes! 

I am Mommy made this absolutely DIVINE St. Patrick's Day Cake.  Yummo!

I love this!  I want to try it on my little Girl!  This is from Cute Girls Hairstyles.

One more Fabulous printable from Today's Fabulous Finds!


  1. What super cute ideas. Love the hair and that cake. Thanks for the feature. winks, jen

  2. thanks so much for sharing our St. Patrick's day banner Karen. :)

  3. i was never a big st. patrick's day person either, but there are so many fun ideas that make it so easy now. thanks for sharing!!

  4. That hair is so adorable!! I'm your newest Linky follower from the blog hop. Hope you'll visit and follow back!

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