Thursday, February 9, 2012

Repurposed Altoid Tin into Sweet Love Notes!

{This is older post that I thought I would share with my readers again.  Such a fun idea!  I hope you enjoy it!)

 This would be such a cute gift for your hubby, friend, or child.
An adorable tin with cute little words in different fonts!  

Here is what I did:
First I took the container and traced some cute Valentine paper around the shape of the container.  Next, I cut out the shape and Mod Podged it on the container.  I smoothed out the paper with a brayer.  You can add anything you'd like on the container:  Buttons, stickers, etc..Be creative!

I printed out hundreds of different words onto just regular old printer paper and used different fonts for each word (I am kinda a fontaholic!).  I cut out each word (which is a pain in the fanny!).  Then I laminated each one of those buggers.  Yes, it took forever, but it was fun thinking of different sentences I could make with all the words!  If you don't have a laminator, you can use contact paper.

It takes a while to cut out each word.  Buy a roll of magnet with sticky stuff on one side.  One roll should be plenty.  Stick the magnet on the back of each word, and Walaah!  You have a sweet, inexpensive gift to give someone for Valentines day or any day!   

How fun is it to make funny sentences on your fridge?  I love it!  My kids love it!


  1. I knew I kept that tin for a reason! Thanks for being the reason. :-) This is an adorable idea.

  2. so i should so be saving those tins then? right? love this girl! :)

  3. I need to start eating altoids! This is adorable! :)

  4. So cute. Do you by chance have a list of the words you used? Cause I'd love to steal them instead of coming up with my own! :)


  5. That is so sweet! Good for you for taking all that time... Very impressive!


  6. So cute! Will have to try this :)

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