Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keeping it Real {Sunday}

What do you think of the name I chose for Sunday's? 

I love my blog and I want you to know I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your comments with me.  You all are the best and put up with my randomness...

Here is how I feel today:

Actually I have felt like this for the last 2 days.  I get a little Psycho when it comes to PMS.  Do you?  Seriously,  I need to know other women feel this way. 

Yesterday was the WORST!  I wanted to stay inside my house all day and lay in bed {except my back was killing me so I couldn't}.  I didn't get much done.  I did make some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin bread and some cookies.  It was BAAAAD.

My husband noticed I was having a hard day, so he took me out to dinner {love ya babe}.  We went mattress shopping {wahoo}.  You see we bought a mattress last October and we hate it.  Too firm.  So are on on the quest to find a softer one.  I think we found it.  Luckily we get to trade the one we hate for the softer one......

I know I am rambling huh?  This is how I get I tell ya.  

Maybe I should read this book.  After all I am in my 40's now.  So sad....

Someone on Pinterest said it saved their life.  Yay for them. 

This is what I REALLY need.  I'll call them PMS bars.

I'm freaking out a little because tomorrow I start school again.  I'm only taking 1 class.  Chemistry. Yuck.  I HAVE to take it.  Oh well.  I'll survive. 

Thanks for reading today.  This is not me 100% of the time.  Only like 50%.  

I just hope this doesn't happen to me on the way to school tomorrow.  
Don't worry. 

I'll be fine in a few days.

I hope your having a FABULOUS day!  Thanks for stopping by and listening:)


  1. No girl you are not alone in this PMS roller coaster. At time one can feel like they have lost their mind. I have learned, feelings lie. They change every second. I have to lean on the Lord, strong during these times to get through and remember what is TRUE.

  2. LOLOL...ok I love the insurance photo :):) You are not alone!!! I have always had pretty bad PMS.....and now I am also in my 40s and just went to the dr to see if I am going thru premenopause or if I am just My mood swings are bordering on homocidal....well, maybe not but trust me, its bad!!!!!

  3. Karen, you crack me up! I laugh because I can relate......I had the same type of weekend. Everything bothered me. I just wanted to isolate myself in my room and watch movies.....of course I couldn't do that though. Those cookie bars would have been nice! Don't just post a recipe without a link though.....especially during these critical times of the month.

  4. Thanks ladies! It's comforting to know others are having this problem:)

  5. you are sooo not the only one. I was screaming at everything my children did this morning before church. And they weren't doing anything really. PMS for sure.


Thank you so much for your comments...I love them!!

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