Saturday, December 17, 2011

"You Measure Up" Teacher Gift!

I am super excited to be here! 
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I am so excited to share with you all this fun and inexpensive teacher gift. 
Teacher gifts are kinda hard to chose. You don't want it to just be something that is put in a closet or not really used.  Right?! I was on a mission to get some fun ideas, but, make something that I haven't seen before, but that is useful!  I started my google search....
I saw a ornament online that was a ruler with the usual "ABC,A+,Apple"...Hmmm.  How could I make this my own?  something that could be used all the time?  So, I went to the dollar store, my all time favorite place, to get some inspiration.  I was browsing around, and I came across the cutest metal paper clips and regular paper clips and then they had matching rubber rulers...the idea was born! 

-1 pkg. 2 rulers (dollar store)
-Metal paper clips (dollar store)
-Paper Clips (dollar store)
-Metal Tin (Target)
-Magnets (Walmart: already had them)
-E-6000 glue (Walmart or any craft store:already had)
-Sand Paper (optional)
-Cute bag (optional)
-mod podge/brush (Walmart or any craft store: already had)

I wanted to divide the tin into three sections.  
One for the paperclips, the clips,magnets. 
I cut the ruler to fit the width of the tin and then cut a smaller part of the ruler to section it.  
I used E-6000 to glue it together.

Then I just set it into the tin. 

I cut the ruler into different lengths and attached a magnet to the backs of them.

Then I sanded the edges and rounded the corners. 
This is optional, I just wanted to give it a more finished look.
It 's all preference!

Finished magnets.  I even tried them out on my fridge...Yep, they work! 

I filled the little sections up....

I saved a small part of the ruler left over that I wanted to use to add a little something to the top.  I used my computer and font Bohemian Typewriter for "Ms. Rockwood....You measure up!"  I tore the paper around the writing to fit onto the ruler, used some mod podge to glue it down, and then a thin layer on top of it. then I glued the ruler piece onto the top using e-6000.  

Tied it all together with matching ribbon....and WALAH!  
A cute teacher gift!

I found this quote:" A Great teacher has always been measured by the student who has surpassed them" I used the same font and tore the edges of the paper on this one too, and then glued it into the card, had My Pretty Princess write what ever else she wanted to and sign the card, we put it all in the cute bag that I picked up at Target for$.25.

This cute little gift cost us $4.25. 
Inexpensive? YEP! Cute? We sure think so!
  LOVE it! 
Hopefully her teacher will too!
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A GREAT BIG HUG  Karen....It's been fun!
THANK YOU for letting me guest post on your awesome blog! 
Have a great day!



  1. I'm a teacher and I woud LOVE it! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. I think any teacher would cherish such a special gift. Something so thoughtful and handmade from the heart can never be bought and is priceless. She is one very lucky teacher. :)

  3. love this... I'm pinning it :) thanks for sharing a great idea!

  4. That is a great gift. (I'm a retired teacher, so that makes me an expert.) You were so clever and creative.


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