Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's Guest: Tattered and Inked

First off, I'm so excited to be here today at Pocket Full of Pink!!
I'm so glad Karen invited me to be a part of her Monster Craft Bash!!
My name is Kelsey and I blog over at Tattered and Inked where I mostly show fun craft tutorials and furniture redos.
I thought I'd show you guys a fun fall pumpkin I made this year using some salvaged fence wood I got from a friend!
In exchange for helping to build her a bookshelf, she gave me all the left-over scraps :)
Because they were completely beautiful, weathered pieces of wood.
First, I trimmed the edges so that the outside pieces had angled corners at the tops and bottoms.
Makes a nice little pumpkin shape!
I nail-gunned a random scrap of molding to the top of my pumpkin for it's 'stem'.
Isn't he a nice little weathered pumpkin?
I am completely in love with the natural grain on these pieces of wood but I wanted to tone down the dark wood color a bit.
So I took him inside (oh yea...I live on the dangerous side!)
and mixed some white paint with quite a bit of water and started to white-wash.
It was exactly what I was going for.
It kept that natural grain pattern but gave it a lovely white color.
You just keep white-washing it to make it as 'dark' as you want it to go.
I did quite a few coats on this.
The top 'stem' got a little bit of dark stain added to it.
I wanted to add something to the middle to glam it up a bit so I typed out 'Harvest' onto word in a fun, fall-ish font.
Those of you lucky enough to have a silhouette could get this done in, oh, two point five seconds.
I did it the long way around.
Type up. Print. Cut out with exacto knife. Stencil.
More like a good thirthy minutes.
But totally worth it :)
Love the jet-black against the white-washed wood.
I added a little flourish too...just cuz.
Love the bright orange.
You like my little pesky weed that got into the pictures?
Nice, huh?
Buh-bye weed.
Hello pretty wood pumpkin.
I'm loving how he turned out.
I cant' get over that gorgeous fence wood.
And to think that the owner was just going to toss it out!!
The grain looks so pretty behind the wording...
and he's the perfect addition to my fall decor :)
If you don't have your own random pile of scrap fence wood,
new wood from Lowes would do just fine too :)
Just look for some pretty grain if you want to white-wash!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my little wood pumpkin!!
I'd love to have you visit me at Tattered and Inked or chat with me on my facebook page!!
Thanks again, Karen, for having me and for hosting this fabulous party :)
Happy fall, ya'll!!
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Isn't that gorgeous?  I love it Kelsey!!  I am on the lookout for some weathered wood:)
Kelsey has a lovely blog that you have got to check out!  Here is one of my favorite projects:
Check out this table!  She bought it at Goodwill and gave it a totally different look.  Love the Harlequin pattern on top....See the process here.  Check out her other fab projects.  She is amazing!

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