Wednesday, October 24, 2012

7 Simple Halloween Gift Ideas!

Hey Everyone! I'm Laurie and for about a year I've had a blog titled The Rookie Wife. Recently though I found out I was preggers so to celebrate I created a brand spankin' NEW blog where I can update on all things related to baby and also my upcoming projects and my adventures of decorating our NEW house which we move into at the end of this month. I totally LOVE Karen and her adorable blog, so I jumped at the chance to Guest Post for her!

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, HALLLLLOWEEEN!!!"

So maybe I've been watching one too many Halloween movies. & The Nightmare Before Christmas is totally one of my favs.

I LOVE Halloween, not really sure what I love about it exactly. Maybe I love dressing up in crazy costumes, or all the candy I get to steal  um, "borrow" from my son. I love the scary haunted houses and the cool fall nights.

I've been pin happy when it comes to Halloween on Pinterest. (Sorry if you are a Pinterest follower!) I've collected quite a few awesome, but simple Halloween "gift" ideas. These are cute gifts for teachers, coworkers, neighbors, or just somebody you wanna wish a Happy Halloween too!

I mean, how easy is playdoh to make? REALLY. This is a super cute idea for a class gift. Of course Nick is way old and would totally kill me if I gave him playdoh to give as gifts. However, it would go over well with the 6 year old and younger set.

Love the candy bouquet. Because, let's face it.. who the heck doesn't love candy? If you don't love candy.. well. Something is seriously wrong with you.

I LOVE mason jars, so therefore I love GIFTS in Mason Jars. Can someone make this for me? Please?!?????

Totally cute idea! Some cake mix, cake icing, cupcake wrappers, sprinkles and a cute kitchen towel all placed in a cute bucket to give as a gift. So easy, and cheap!

Probably my fav gift idea for teachers, after all. Germs ARE Scary. And you can get these for a steal at Bath and Body works. Last time I Checked they were 2 for $10. With the 20% off coupon you really can't beat the price.

Totally copying this idea for Nicks class treats this year, adorable, easy and fun. 

How stinkin' cute is this gift in a jar? You can really make jar gifts work for any holiday for any occasion. and it takes, what? like 3 minutes to put together? That's all it takes to totally make someones day. :)

Love all these awesome ideas!  I have to admit, I LOVE Halloween as well!  Thanks for stopping by Laurie!

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  1. Super cute - where is the link for the last mason jar gift? I went to your pinterest page but didn't see it under halloween.


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