Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY Pretty Pillow from Placemats

Hi Pocket Full of Pink readers! I'm so excited to be here with you today!  My name is Barbara and I blog over at Chase the Star, where I share simple and inexpensive craft tutorials, furniture transformations, and even a recipe or two!

I'm always drawn to throw pillows everywhere I go.  I certainly don't need any more, but of course I can always make room for one more.  Well, while perusing the GW (Goodwill Thrift Store) this past weekend, I spotted these pretty placemats:

Another thing I didn't need more of, and especially a small set of just 2..BUT...they were new with tags from Target, a rare occurrence at the GW.  They were my fave color, blue.  I was digging the Ikat pattern, and they were just 99 cents each.  Duh, no brainer! 

More throw pillows for me!

Pretty Ikat pattern I dig

Placemat to Pillow Tutorial:

Once I ran them through the washer (they are from a thrift store after all), I ironed them gently to remove any wrinkles and creases.

A seam ripper easily opened up one of the short sides of the placemat:

Recycled a pillow insert I already had and put it inside the opened up placemat:

Folded the ends down and held them together with sewing pins:

Lastly, I sewed a simple straight line across with my sewing machine (by the way, this is the only sewing I can do, with or without a machine.  Don't judge me!)

Side Note:

Special thanks to my MIL for the sewing tute a few weeks back.  Otherwise, I'd be sharing with you on how to add fabric glue to 'sew' this baby up! 

Again don't judge me, and don't knock the fabric glue; it's how I made these pillows (and so many more that I don't have pics of)!

Pillows on my front porch

That was all it took to go from this:

To this!

!!99 cents total price for this project--!!HOLLA!!
I had one pillow insert, so I made just one throw pillow and still have another placemat to get creative with!

Thanks so much to Karen for having me here today, I love your blog, and it's an honor to get to share my project with your fabulous readers!

I'd love to have you visit my blog soon, and look for me here:                    


Thanks so much for hanging out at my blog Barbara!  What a great idea:) 

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  1. Oh Barbara! I love these! I never would have thought it was so easy as cutting open a seam (and I would totally be using fabric glue!) GREAT job!


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